Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sophie Marceau its claws to protect his family – The Point

Ras-le-bol to meet every week in the tabloids … Sophie Marceau viciously tackled the magazine Here makes its cover again by putting the one with the new companion, chef Cyril Lignac. “There is nothing to hide and nothing to do either, she has responded on his Twitter site this weekend. Everyone has understood, Cyril Lignac and Sophie Marceau are together. Not worth spending € 1.60 (give them to a beggar) to see photos and read ugly morons comments. “The whole punctuated by an emoticon set the finger, which gives an idea of ​​its deep annoyance.

Escapade in Saint-Paul-de-Vence

of the four pages of the magazine, Here indeed describes in detail the couple’s trip to the Colombe d’Or, the mythical hotel of Saint Paul de Vence, located Provence, publishing pictures of tender asides between the two lovers. Raving reviews? Sophie Marceau is referring to it, that legend a photo of the couple seated on the terrace: “When he asks: So that Bourne She wants to meet him? For small onions. “Not very end, it’s true, but pure Here in the text. What anyway upset the actress, who is asking its 50,000 subscribers to switch to another literature: “Read Tolstoy, do a crossword puzzle, or come free on my network, you will see things much more interesting! To the wise ! “

A tooth against Here

This is not the first time Sophie Marceau is attacking the tabloids and the paparazzi that feed. We remember that last spring she had ridiculed some of them by filming them without their knowledge, to denounce the harassment she be a victim regularly. And if she has a grudge against Here , this is because the magazine was the first to reveal her story in February 2016 with the chef, who runs several programs on M6. Cyril Lignac, meanwhile, prefers to take the events with hindsight: “I will not stop living because of the paparazzi following me, he declared in March 2016 in the Elle . I can even understand when it’s like this huge. “The latest release of the actress may even excite a little more …


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