Thursday, July 21, 2016

/ Michelle Obama karaoke in a car – Le Progrès

The video is a hit on the Internet. Returning Beyoncé, Michelle Obama would almost overshadow her husband as president.

However, before the First Lady on the show Carpool Karaoke, The Late Late Show on CBS, alongside the presenter James Corden, many artists like Adele, Stevie Wonder and Chris Martin (Coldplay) also loaned to the game.

the teaser video released on Wednesday the United States. Michelle Obama here alongside host James Corden.


to get taped singing so karaoke drive, be interviewed, alongside a host became trendy. This position allows to capture a certain intimacy between artist and journalist, and in recent months, the concept comes back strong especially in the United States, countries of the (large) car par excellence.

A trio singers card had

the summit of its kind was conducted in March 2015, with three Australian singers under the name “SketchShe” which resumed standards (and outfits) of the song. An incredible medley which reached 36 million views on YouTube.

A concept on Canal + in the 90

in France, in the middle 90s, Ivan the Bolloc’h and Bruno Solo had already initiated the concept: they were driving a big 4 x 4 American on the streets of Paris for “full of great” on Canal + . artists like Jean-Jacques Goldman, joined them in for interviews.

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