Thursday, July 28, 2016

Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo explains why she never left the series – Screenrush

The star of Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo told People magazine why she had decided to stay true to the medical series, which will start in September its 13th season …

True to Grey’s Anatomy for 12 years –the 13th season will start in the coming year in the United States– Ellen Pompeo was recently entrusted to the magazine People on his decision to remain in the series by systematically renewing its contract unlike many of his colleagues, including Sara Ramirez aka Callie, the latest to have left the ship.

lucid and pragmatic, she said that its decision was only taken compared to his age. Today aged 46, the interpète Meredith Grey was 33 when she landed the role that made her a star: “ I knew so well that my expiration date in Hollywood n ‘ was already very far (…) I could not ignore it would be very complicated to pick roles past 40 years “.

A decision she now not regret in view of the continued success of the show: “ I thought,” Why do you quit something which cases and that pays you very well explore the landscape? ‘ I decided to keep going as long as I can and I’m very happy. It has become better and better with time.

Aging on screen is however not easy for her and she has never been spared this then side by critics: “ Honestly, me old television is the most difficult part of my job. But as uncomfortable as it is, I do not focus on physical beauty, it’s really the last thing to do. We all get older, it’s natural, and it’s not healthy to focus on it.

Ellen Pompeo she turns 50 on the screen? at the rate things are going where, Grey’s Anatomy could still be on the air in 4 years …

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