Friday, July 29, 2016

“Jazz in Marciac” a high security placed festival – francetv info

Unmissable for fans of jazz, the Jazz festival in Marciac (Gers) opens this Friday. For its 39th edition, which runs until 15 August, the organization expects between 225,000 and 250,000 spectators. About 850 volunteers will be present.

Because of the terrorist threat, the festival is under high security. “All precautionary measures have been taken to ensure the safety of all,” told AFP the mayor of Marciac, Jean-Louis Guilhaumon, one-man band of the festival. A week after the attack in Nice, the Prefect of Gers had decreed the prohibition to fly over the town with drones for the duration of the event. He said he made this decision “given the gravity of the terrorist threat in the country following the attacks in France that led the government to declare a state of emergency.”

gendarmerie reinforcements, unreasonable deviation …

in turn, the president and founder of the musical event evokes “specific provisions” taken after the attack in Nice, with a “sustained presence “forces of order” to protect the approach of Marciac, the main square, the capital and its annexes within an enclosure absolutely secure. ” Alongside gendarmerie and the Sentinel reserve reinforcements decided by the head of state for all scale demonstrations, vigils will be responsible for search and detection of illicit objects. Finally, a detour will be in place for heavy-weight above the village of 1,250 souls, and “concrete blocks protect the main axes,” said the aedile, referring to the truck that crashed into the crowd Nice. This Friday, the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and the Minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay must go around the security arrangements in place.

However, the Mayor of Marciac wishes to preserve the spirit of the festival feast in “the times we live in.” “I did not organize a safe festival but a festival of music,” exclaims the artistic director of the event.

An opening night with Diana Krall

as every year, the festival showcases the jazz sizes. Since 1978, Jazz in Marciac has welcomed Bill Coleman, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespsie … This evening, festival-goers can hear the warm timbre of Diana Krall. Saturday, a surprising duo will be on stage for a “unique concert in France,” said Jean-Louis Guilhaumon. This is the singer M and the Israeli pianist Yaron Herman, who collaborated with rapper Oxmo Puccino.

The headliners will succeed for a fortnight trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf with the (August 1) Lisa Simone – daughter of Nina Simone (August 3), the groove of bassist Kyle Eastwood. – son of filmmaker Clint Eastwood (August 5), or Hugh Coltman for a tribute to Nat King Cole (13 August)

This year, the pianist Ahmad Jamal 86 years, who had decided to retire, will play world exclusive on 4 August. The iconic Dianne Reeves also treads the stage of Jazz in Marciac for the tenth time on August 9. The festival will close with the disco-funk of Earth, Wind & Fire, August 15.


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