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Comic Con: Strange and all must advertisements Marvel side – Le Point

Out of the Comic Con in 2015, Marvel has generously caught this year’s largest gathering of enthusiasts of pop culture. In one weekend, the studio has multiplied crucial announcements so that on Monday, we do not know where to turn between the trailers, the many casting announcements and descriptions of teasers … A complete recap to read at leisure on the beach, toes fan!

Call the Captain Marvel!

After months of negotiations, Kevin Feige, the boss of the studio Marvel confirmed that Brie Larson would indeed be the interpreter of Captain Marvel in cinemas in 2019. the actress, 22, oscar for best actress for Room , will play Carol Danvers , pilot of the US Air Force, which develops superhuman abilities after being in contact with the DNA of an alien. Brie Larson – who now demand to be called Captain Marvel! – Should make an appearance in 3 Avengers: Infinity War before going solo the following year, on one condition: that the blockbuster finally found a director or a director

Strange , a trailer so Inception

Strange is not probably the craziest bet Marvel, rather than the Guardians of the Galaxy (which, however, was betting on a crazy barjot raccoon trigger and a film 100% in the space). For the first time since the launch of its film universe, the studio has a completely mystical world, and the result could well result in a success by a beautiful bowl. Everything depends on the inspiration of the director and his writers … Our feeling is shared after watching the second trailer: one is impressed by the shock of casting (Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams and Tilda Swinton as bald as Pascal Obispo ) and integrated nolanien codes implicit in the staging make their small effect. But hard to say if this magical atmosphere that can quickly fall into kitsch, hold up on the big screen. Response October 26, 2016.

An opponent for Spider-Man (and a new extract)

reboot Spider-Man is a thousand years- light of dark and tortured universe of Strange . The proof: a new single released to the public of Comic Con, the film is squarely presented as a teen comedy. We see the little face of Peter Parker (the very convincing Tom Holland), 15, shown in a yearbook. A voice says the newspaper of the young hero who leads a life quite normal in his chest: Peter Parker being science, Peter Parker hormones in turmoil, etc. But at the end of the day, instead of hanging out with his friends, he hurries home to put on his costume and walking over the roofs of the city. A new image of the teenager not so normal shown in action in his future opponent: The vulture! They will compete in Spider-Man: Homecoming in July 2017

First extract of Guardians of the Galaxy


the happy crowd of Comic Con had the right to an unpublished excerpt from Guardians of the Galaxy , a classic montage that mixes humor and action. The scene opens on Star-Lord and his team (Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot Baby) waiting to firm up an alien to neutralize it. On the following shot, Yondu, Baby Rocket and Groot trying to escape the pests. The sequence ends with a major revelation: the father of Star-Lord is actually a planet by the name of Ego (it will be played by actor Kurt Russell). She has the right to take a human form, thus Ego met the mother of Star-Lord and made him a child. A little twisted right? To answer a question more – ahem – Technical: yes in the comics Marvel planets can procreate. “I have a penis and a more effective,” said Ego / Kurt Russell in the same novel extract. Sylvester Stallone was also confirmed in the cast.

Full cast confirmed for Black Panther

The rumored for the month of May, it was finally confirmed at Comic Con 2016. The Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyon’o ( 12 Years a Slave , Star Wars 7 ) will have a role in Black Panther . It will Nakia, one of the Amazons who traditionally make up the personal guard of the king of Wakanda, Black Panther alias.

Is also confirmed Michael B. Jordan ( Creed ) in the Erik Killmonger skin, the main opponent of Black Panther. Chadwick Boseman resume the role of superhero has already embodied brilliantly in the last Captain America: Civil War . Filming will begin in January in Atlanta for release in July 2018.

The Ghost Rider Agents of SHIELD

“Revenge arrives this fall” and it will come with a new iconic character comics: Ghost Rider, aka Robbie Reyes, former student whose body is possessed by a ghost of skeletal appearance and loves car racing. He should probably be the supreme threat to SHIELD agents in season 4. It will be played by Gabriel Luna seen in True Detective . “The season 4 will undoubtedly be the biggest, most ambitious story to date in the series, and it all begins with the introduction of one of the greatest characters of the Ghost Rider franchise said Jeph Loeb, vice -President of Marvel Television. When the revenge arrives in the SHIELD., It will change everything.

The Marvel team grows, so, with a slew new talented players who all posed together at Comic Con. The picture is equally impressive (but far less uptight) than traditional snapshot named Oscar.


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