Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Garry Marshall, director of “Pretty Woman”, died – The World

director Garry Marshall in Beverly Hills,  California on October 15, 2012.

the director, American actor Garry Marshall, known for his romantic comedies, has died at the age of 81, Tuesday, July 19, complications of pneumonia, following an attack at the hospital in suburban Burbank near Los Angeles, according to his press secretary. Garry Marshall leaves behind a myriad of films and series, including the series “Happy Day” and film Pretty Woman and Just Married (almost) .

the writer has also made appearances on screen in supporting roles where he was noted for his new York accent. It embodies a particular casino boss in Lost in America Albert Brooks and a supporting role in Soapdish , recounting the woes of actors playing in a soap opera to success.

It reveals Robin Williams

Born in New York of a dance teacher mother and a father director, Garry Marshall began his career in the 1950s writing sketches for TV shows, including the popular “the Tonight Show.”

His first great success on television came with the series “the Odd Couple” and the famous sitcom “Happy Days” in the 1970s He also revealed Robin Williams with the series Mork & Mindy .

Garry Marshall began writing and making films in 1980s in 1989, he directed over life . His most famous film is certainly Pretty Woman , released in 1990, which launched the career of actress Julia Roberts.

Success in theaters

Mr. Marshall was also a talented actor and played in the film A League of Their Own ( A League of Their Own ) and in several TV series. His last three films as director, Valentine’s Day (2010), New Year’s Eve (2011) and Happy Mother’s Day ( Mother’s Day , 2016) was poorly received by critics, but have had success in theaters.

“I was down to the last, but he made $ 146 million worldwide, “, said Mr. Marshall to the New York Times in response to criticism of his film New Year’s Eve .

“Everyone loved Garry”

the President of the American Guild of directors, Paris Barclay, honored him, praising his talent for storytelling “that brought joy and laughter (…) on all screens, big and small” .

“It was an honor and a pleasure for all of us who had the pleasure of working with him. “

” A great, great guy and the best film history of casino boss “, actor and director Albert Brooks on Twitter.

Henry Winkler, who played the role of Fonzie in “Happy Days”, praised in a tweet a man “larger than life and funnier than most people”

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Richard Gere, who played opposite Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, said in a statement.! “All everyone loved Garry. He was a leader. One of the funniest men I’ve known. He had a heart of gold and a mischievous soul. “


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