French media Of one after the events of November 13, 2015 – LIONEL BONAVENTURE / AFP

in the aftermath of the attack in a church near Rouen, the french media reported now exercise some care in the treatment of information. The news channel
 BFM TV, Daily the World and Cross have decided not to publish photos of the bombers “to avoid possible posthumous glorification effects” or ” not to the same level victims and terrorists “

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“Uncomfortable” face series of photos

“Following from Nice attack, we will not publish more killings of authors of the photographs, to avoid possible posthumous glorification of effects, “wrote the director of World Jérôme Fenoglio,
 in an editorial on Wednesday. “We realized after the bombing in Nice that we were very uncomfortable with a series of photos, after the last of the authors,” he said.

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“Do not hide the facts, or the route of these killers, so we are not in favor their anonymity, but their photos are not useful to describe their course, “he said.

” a symbolic and emblematic “

” We took the decision last night not to broadcast pictures of terrorists on the air until further notice. The reflection was engaged in writing for some time. It accelerated after Nice, with the repetition of such tragedies “, said Hervé Béroud, the editorial director of BFM TV.

” The picture was a symbolic and emblematic, especially on a news channel continuously with so many newspapers and repeated broadcasts. The photo can reach the same level victims and terrorists, “has he said

However, the chain will continue to broadcast the names of the bombers.” This element was given directly by the prosecutor (of the Republic in Paris, François) Molins. The difficulty of this debate is to take also care not to give up information, “says he.

Initial but no photo

” We will only publish first name and initial of the name and any photos, “announced François Ernenwein, head to editor Cross , which is to produce a text reflecting on those choices” to argue them before our readers. “

on Twitter, the Europe 1 radio also announced that it” no longer cite the names of the terrorists on the air. “

a difference between publishing and glorify as “Libe”

This view is not shared by Libération . According to the deputy director of the daily, Johan Hufnagel, anonymize terrorists is not a tenable position. “Imagine a paper with the brothers SA and BA, AA, FAM,” said he said, adding however that “the debate on the use of the photo in the newspaper and on the website of Libération is an ongoing discussion since the existence of the newspaper. “

” Publish photos terrorists and glorifying them, it’s not the same. Dabiq (review of EI) glorifies “he said.

On the side of 20 Minutes ,” for now, we have not stopped decision in writing. We do not anonymisons perpetrators of attacks and we reserve the right to publish their photos, observing the extent to which we have become accustomed to working on these issues, “said the chief editor.