Thursday, July 28, 2016

Harrison Ford has nearly died on the set of “Star Wars 7″ – Le Point

The filming of Star Wars 7 has almost turned to tragedy in June 2014. We recall that Harrison Ford had suffered a plateau incident: closing a door of the Falcon Millenium had broken his left leg, which had led to his capital for two months. Two years later, a British court, which had been seized by the regulator of safety, acknowledged that the accident presented a real “danger of death” for those involved. Actually, that door would never have been activated at this time of filming: it was inadvertently activated by someone while the actor passed under it. The door of the spacecraft is then folded and heavily hit Harrison Ford hips, before violently throw him to the ground, causing the fracture of the bones of the left leg.

A door as heavy as a car

the survey showed that this element of the decor was not harmless because it was as heavy as a small car, allowing to be an idea of ​​the impact borne by Harrison Ford. The worst was probably avoided by moving in time the emergency stop button on the set. “The accident could have killed someone, the court concluded. If this does not happen, it is because the emergency stop has been activated. “According to the British press, the company Foodles Production, a subsidiary of Disney and responsible for the shooting, pleaded guilty, but said that” security teams has always been a top priority. ” The final judgment is expected on August 22

A few months ago, Harrison Ford was back on the accident. He was detailing his fall and injury, while railing against these sets of stuffed electronics, compared with the filming of the 1970s where it operated the doors of the vessels with a rope and a pulley … “Today, we have lots of money and technology, and they build super fucking hydraulic doors that close to the speed of light! “

After the fact, the director J.J. Abrams acknowledged that the team had been very frightened on the day of the accident. However, when Harrison Ford was back in the studio, he found “much better and stronger than ever, he even those sparks in her eyes that see on the screen.” I must say it takes more to impress Indiana Jones. A year after his unfortunate fall, the actor emerged unscathed this time of a forced landing of his monoplane from World War II who had an engine failure over Santa Monica. Banged up, but still alive. This is what is called having baraka.


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