Tuesday, July 19, 2016

In the secret meeting between Elvis and Nixon – Le Figaro

Jerry Schilling, friend and aide The King back on this December 21, 1970, when the pioneer of rock’n’roll met US President in the oval Office of the White House.

“I’m the only one that has been present from the beginning to the end of this story that fans describe as the weekend-lost Elvis. “Jerry Schilling, friend and aide the King returned exclusively for Le Figaro the first meeting between Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon, then president of the United States.

A mythical photograph in the Oval Office of the White House two men. The meeting of two solitudes. Jerry Schilling tells how Elvis Presley was then apprehended the interview: “He was moved that the president agrees to meet him. He was impressed t but once Nixon agreed, he felt at the White House as his home. ”

And because Jerry Schilling was also present at the famous meeting that, while it was a project of the king, had seemed so hypothetical. “I never thought we would have access to the Oval Office. I have never underestimated Elvis after that day, “if he recalls.

But what Elvis picture Had Nixon? The King was able to easily adapt to his interlocutor. “I was not a big fan of Nixon. I preferred him Kennedy. Elvis knew conservative politics and the old side playing Nixon, that is why it is presented as such a conservative man than him, “he says. Indeed, in the photograph, although it is observed that Elvis Presley poses with serious, almost an austerity suspicion.

Liza Johnson director tent in a tasty comedy starring Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon, to unravel the mystery of this historic shot.

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