Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Harrison Ford could have died on the set of Star Wars 7 – Le Figaro

The interpreter Han Solo could have died in his shooting accident in 2014, according to a ruling by a British court. The company Foodles Production, managing the plateau, pleads guilty.

This is a broken leg but it could have been worse. This is not the character of Han Solo – we will not disclose anything of the movie – but Harrison Ford himself might have succumbed. A British court has just admitted that there were “death risk” in the shooting incident involving the actor in 2014 on the plateau Star Wars: The Force Revival . A door of his legendary ship, the Millennium Falcon , operated by a hydraulic system had crashed.

“It could have killed someone, the prosecutor has stated Andrew Marshal. If there were no death is because an emergency stop button has been activated. “

The actor broke his left leg in two places, in addition to breaking up the ankle. He was airlifted to the hospital in Oxford. Filming for the highly anticipated saga was delayed for eight weeks after the incident.

This is the UK regulator for workplace safety that sued, earlier this year . He determined after investigation that the accident suffered by Ford, the door closing speed was equivalent to being run over by a small car.

The Disney subsidiary responsible for the plateau, Foodles Production, pleaded guilty to two violations of the health law and British security. The company, however, disputes the level of danger on set. The final sentence will be pronounced on August 22 before the Court Aylesbury Crown, located forty killomètres east of Oxford.

“Now that we have a big budget and technology they built a fucking great hydraulic door closing at the speed of light, “told in December the 74 year-old actor on the British chain ITV . The interpreter of Han Solo was more accustomed to the old gates of the legendary ship, operated by pulleys.

The director J.J. Abrams had injured himself by helping the star. In wanting to raise the door, he heard a loud cracking sound. He had just broken back. This second incident was revealed several months after the end of filming.

The filming of episode 8 of the Star Wars saga has just ended, and fortunately no incidents to report to the moment.


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