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Game of Thrones: Sophie Turner snubbed the Emmys, angry fans – Brain Damaged

Game of Thrones fans are angry that Sophie Turner is not been named Emmy in 2016 for her role Sansa.

Each year, nominations Emmy Awards are happy but they also put a lot of angry fans when their favorite series or actors have been ignored. This year, if the oblivion Outlander disappointed George RR Martin, the non-appointment of Sophie Turner for his role in Sansa Game of Thrones put the series fans angry.

Turner’s performance in season 6 of Game of Thrones has been welcomed by the critics and fans who thought the actress fully deserved appointment. His colleagues Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke each received a nomination while Turner was left out.

Many also challenge the appointment of Williams in question thinking Turner deserved more. For Vanity Fair magazine, is a “glaring omission” . He notes: “The story of Arya in particular was not popular. . Their appointments are disconcerting, especially after the incredibly mature and subtle work of Turner, “ writes the magazine

On Twitter, fans share their indignation:

“How come it that @SophieT has not been named for her portrayal of Sansa? This is probably one of the best acting performance ever. “

” Sophie Turner is Leonardo Dicaprio Emmys except that it is never named “

” Very pleased for the GOT appointments but seriously how can you leave out the incredible work of Sophie Turner this season for Sansa “

“This season was serious centric Sansa and Sophie TORN but for some strange reason the emmys arrive appointments and did nothing? GOOD BLOOD “

” I am so angry that Sophie had not received Emmy nomination for his role this season Sansa Stark “

in the midst of all these angry fans, Sophie Tutner remains very class and says she is proud of her big brother and little sister.

in all, Game of Thrones has received 23 Emmy nominations, 2016. the results will be announced on 18 September.

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