Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sylvester Stallone: ​​Surrounded by her daughters bombs, he landed in France – Pure People

This is like their second home. Every summer, Sylvester Stallone and his men landed in southern France, where they spend their holidays. Housed on a luxury yacht, not far from Saint-Tropez, the family has his habits on the French Riviera.

July 5, on the eve of its 70th anniversary, the American actor and her family set foot in Nice airport. Surrounded by his tribe, Actor Creed (for which he won the Golden Globe for best actor in a supporting role but failed Oscar) was delighted to see French soil. Very casual, Sly was accompanied by his wife Jennifer Flavin, still sculptural, and their three daughters.

Sistine, 18, arrived with the wind. The young woman is starting a modeling career, she is part of the squad IMG Models. At his side, just as lovely, Sophia (19 years), his great accomplice. As for the youngest, Scarlet, she seems to have grown up from the top of its 14 years and incidentally, in the footsteps of his two older sisters, as she becomes more and more attractive.

The rough interpreter of Rocky Balboa will be able to decompress after a year rich in emotions. If it was marked by the success of some Creed , it ended by suing for plagiarism. Stallone, executive producer of NBC entitled Strong (which proposes to follow the coaches and their young students through challenges), is accused of stealing the idea of emission Robert Fletcher, a man who said he submitted the idea to the show producers, whose agent Sly.

in addition, Stallone has signed for the leading role of a thriller Jim Mickle (to whom we owe Cold in July ) on behalf of STX Entertainment, the studio that goes to Hollywood. He resumed play a former justice of lonely and full of regret that, on the death of his son, he broke his silence to protect the family of the latter and avenge the death of the man he barely knew.


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