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Angoulême: Lucky Luke, the cowboy Morris draws its 70 candles – FranceTV info

After Mickey, Tintin and Asterix, so it is the turn of “The man who shoots faster than his shadow” to be celebrated at the festival of Angoulême (28 to 31 January). But more than Lucky Luke, is its creator, the Belgian Maurice de Bevere, known as “Morris” in which the world of 9 th Art pays tribute with a retrospective entitled “The Art of Morris “. For specialists, the designer invented “a narration of the action” and had a unique sense of staging.

René Goscinny and Morris (standing)

René Goscinny and Morris (standing)

© Lucky Comics

Inker in an animation studio, the Belgian created the character with a big heart lonely cowboy in December 1946. The first adventure Lucky Luke, “Arizona 1880″, is published in the first Spirou Almanac in the form of short stories and adventures are expanding: the success is with go and the character sets in the Journal de Spirou. Until 1955, Morris himself wrote the stories. But because he wants to devote himself to drawing, from the 9th album, he uses the French René Goscinny to whom we owe the arrival of formidable Dalton brothers

report:. MH. Bonnot / Michel G. / Gazet B.

After the death of Goscinny in 1977, twenty authors succeed to write the Lucky Luke adventures including Jean Léturgie Greg (dad Achilles Heel) Guy Vidal and more recently Tonino Benacquista and Daniel Pennac. Drawing side is Achdé who took over from Morris, who died in 2001.

Lucky Luke comics, tribute albums

In this year’s 70th anniversary, several albums “tribute” are in preparation. One is signed Matthieu Bonhomme. The designer, who won in Angouleme in 2003 the Prize of the first album for “The Age of Reason”, was rocked by Lucky Luke from childhood. This did not prevent him from having imagined a story where Lucky Luke gets killed! Release of “The Man Who Shot Lucky Luke be held in April 2016 at Lucky Comics.

Lucky Luke by Matthieu Bonhomme

Lucky Luke by Matthieu Bonhomme

© Mathieu Bonhomme / Lucky Comics

In June, another album will be signed Guillaume Bouzard, creator Plageman, an “anti-hero drifting.” With this author, humor should be widely in appointments (see Francis Forget blog). And finally, late in the year, a new album from the series “classic” Lucky Luke should go out with drawing and Achdé Jul, newcomer to the scenario. The creator of “Silex and the City” succeeds Laurent Gerra and Daniel Pennac.

Jul, new writer of the adventures of Lucky Luke

Jul, new writer adventures Lucky Luke


Note also the output Dargaud a beautiful book, entitled (as the expo Angoulême) The art of Morris” with original plates and original penciled by the hand of Morris and analysis on the original approach of the Belgian designer.

The cowboy finally celebrated in the capital of the 9th art ca

The proposed retrospective at the Museum of Angoulême comics until 18 September therefore complements these outputs in bookstores. Almost 150 original drawings are presented, rare coins, some of which are exhibited for the first time. They are almost all from the collection of the family of Morris and stored normally in the trunk of a large Belgian bank. The retrospective also presents thirty objects including toys made by Morris himself. “The Art of Morris” under the direction of S. Beaujean, JP. Mercier, G. Akyüzn, V. Lecointre
Editions Dargaud, 312 pages, 45 euros


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