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Rene Angelil Celine Dion and a love stronger than death – Gala

It will remain his man, the only one she has known, the elected: his “R’né”. One with which it is committed for life, first professionally at the age of thirteen, then by his marriage in 1994. A long-term love. Rare. Which commands admiration. Yet all was not pink in Dion.

His feelings for the man of her life, the star of the long silence: their age difference – 26 years – Rene was married, the veto of his mother … “When you’re in love, you want to shout it to the world,” she explained years later. It will take almost six years to the couple formalizes its history. A paved with roses … history. And few thorns.

In an interview to the website Vegas Deluxe , Celine had given the turmoil that shook their married there a few years. “There was tension between us. It’s never easy to be husband and wife, but in addition, we are professionally bound and we have to manage all the pressure shows, concerts, tours, travel … It was hard, it was much work, “the singer told. At the time, A New Day, the most successful show in which she was fully invested, with the help of Franco Dragone, artistic director of the former Cirque du Soleil sold out at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Forgotten the teenager revealed by his Pygmalion, at age 38, Celine discusses the course of quarantine with more serenity. More insurance too. Emancipation, it has gained. At full price. Rubbing the harsh laws of life.

First to the diagnosis of throat cancer Rene. When in full international tour, she notices a lump in his neck, there just under the ear. The impresario, then aged 57, goes to a hospital in Dallas, Texas, where he is made to a biopsy. The diagnosis is final. We March 30, 1999, Celine “party” thirty-one years. Operated René Angélil from recovering for more than six weeks at his home in Jupiter Island, Florida. In the months that will ensue, he submits to thirty of chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions … A trial for a couple as united as it is.

The year 2000 offers them a lull. The clouds move away. Happiness can again enter their lives. To access the new millennium, Celine and Rene are offered a sabbatical. After long convalescence, doctors confirmed that the cancer is eradicated. But if the disease has receded, René treatment side effects have resulted in the irretrievable decline in fertility. Out of love, he agrees to go to a sperm bank. As soon as his curly world tour in 2000, supported by the complete remission of her husband to cancer, Celine is ready to swallow anti-estrogen to regulate ovulation, undergo battery of blood tests and be daily injected massive doses of hormones. That same year, the couple announced that in vitro fertilization treatments Celine worked and she is expecting her first child. His son, René-Charles, her “little miracle”, born on January 25, 2001. “We had almost died; we were more than ever alive. Today, although this ordeal we went through was terrible, I say that it has brought us closer, I say that there was in this event many positive things, “explained the singer years later Celine Dion Forever … Jenna Glatzer (Editions Becker & amp;! Mayer)

Approaching forty, Céline takes off. When tensions arise in her marriage, the youngest in a family of fourteen children, accustomed to stifle his claims, first takes on it. But on the advice of a relative, she lets it it has on the heart. “I was old school, I wanted to hide our problems. Forget everything for this to disappear, “admits the diva with the voice of gold. “When I talked with my best friend, she made me understand that it would never leave. This remains and empire. She taught me to put it bluntly. This is a lesson that all married couples should receive in order to strengthen their relations, “said the star. A painful but formative experience. The couple found reinvented strengthened. “Today, we laugh, we joke. They make fun of each other. We want our marriage to last forever. If you talk, you realize that you’re still in the honeymoon phase. We still miss one to another when we’re apart. We can not imagine life without each other, “confided the nightingale Quebec. This painful experience, Celine did not hesitate to share it – as it always has with his fans – as to urge them not to give up when their romance is in trouble. “It’s sad to see so many people separate, relationships are completed and divorces occur so that if there was a suitable communication, they could remember and cherish the beauty of their early years together. We managed to get us out, then anyone can. “

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Once again, the star has reinvented the couple avoided the pitfalls of everyday life, the difference in temperaments … Even when the inveterate taste for his chosen game made her suffer more than reason. In his authorized biography, The game master , in particular we learned that René, passionate poker player – crowned 2007 champion of a poker tournament in Las Vegas, had been supported by his family to control its pathological propensity to the game. “Yes, I am a gambler , yes, it is a disease, yes, I was lucky and yes, I must be careful today “he confided.

Life often has more imagination than us. Bad as well. As in the year 2009, where the couple thrilled welcomes twins Eddy and Nelson. The star then 42 years. “There have been five attempts at fertilization and five disappointments. Each time, it was very painful: blood tests and daily injections, and endless waiting. It was hard, “at the time had told Gala the proud father just after birth, aware of the sword of Damocles of the disease in over his head, his happiness to be enjoyed without losing a moment. He who, little by little, consciously withdrew from the business, said Céline professional for other hands, safe, which gradually fell silent to leave the floor, at its half, only one that was able to love him more than anything, above all.

So many memories and shared joys, trials exceeded up to this ultimate summit … forever impassable . An exceptional pair of exceptional destiny.


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