Friday, January 22, 2016

Oscars 2016: Charlotte Rampling, the boycott “is anti-white racism” – Cinema

For the second consecutive year, the lack of black actors or actresses in the twenty finalists for the Oscars is controversial in the United States.

Oscars 2016: where blacks are

And as Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett-Smith will boycott the ceremony, even the Academy Awards? recognizes that the lack of diversity selection 2016 and George Clooney also denounces the industry today Charlotte Rampling is interfering in the debate and denounced for its false controversy.

“This is the anti-white racism” , castigates the Oscar-nominated actress for her role in 45 Andrew Haigh.
“Maybe black actors do not deserve to be in the final stretch” , she advances to micro Europe 1 .
“Why classify people? We live in countries where there is still more or less accepted. But there will always be problematic with ‘it is less beautiful’, ‘it it is too big ‘him it’s too black’. There will always be “too. Then we will classify all that to make thousands of small minorities everywhere? “, she argues opposed to the representation of minorities quota introduction in American cinema proposed by Spike Lee .
And to the question of the journalist morning émissin “The fact that they feel like a minority, it does not speak to you?” Charlotte Rampling answers and concludes “no comment” .

The ceremony of Oscars 2016 , presented by Chris Rock, will take place on 28 February in Los Angeles

The history 45. Kate and Geoff Mercer are about to organize a major . party for their 45th wedding anniversary During these preparations, Geoff receives new. Katya’s body, his first great love, disappeared 50 years ago in the ice of the Alps, has just been found This new will then upset the couple and gently change the look Kate addresses her husband …

The trailer of 45 , cinema January 27


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