Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Force-feeding of geese: Pamela Anderson to the aid of waterfowl – Le Point

The actress Pamela Anderson was in the Assembly Tuesday invited by MP to support an environmental ban on force-feeding of ducks and geese for foie gras. In a rare rush to the Assembly, where the ushers had to call the gendarmes to control photographers and cameramen struggling to get into the small press room, the former star of Baywatch supported the EELV MP Laurence Bee, who wants to file a bill to ban “forced feeding of waterfowl”, “an act of animal abuse.”

“I appeal to French deputies to abolish the gavage (…) The foie gras is not a healthy product and has no place in a civilized society (…) These ducks never had a happy day, “said English Americano -Canadienne 48 years. If it remains associated with the busty blonde image swimsuit playing in the lifeguard TV series, Pamela Anderson was for years an active animal rights activist, engaged in campaigns against wearing fur and leather or animal tests.

“From the political show”

particular Accompanied by environmental activist Paul Watson, she presented her visit as a “tribute” to Brigitte Bardot, who had is “shame” when in 1977 the French star had come to Canada to denounce the killing of seal pups. Pamela Anderson was also invited by the Foundation Brigitte Bardot, who unveiled for the occasion the results of an Ifop poll where 70% of French say they are opposed to feeding, “knowing that there are alternatives” to produce foie gras.

But this visit was not to the liking of most MPs. “The arrival of Pamela Anderson, it gave me and it fills me. This is the political show,” responded one of the spokesman of the PS group, Hugues Fourage. “Degree Zero policy,” added the leader of RS MPs, Christian Jacob.

A “indecent” initiative

In a statement, the CPNT movement (Hunting, Fishing, Nature and Traditions) will write to Laurence Bee “prefers turkeys swollen silicone with good geese force-fed corn.” “His comments particularly shocking, sexist, macho, misogynist,” Ms. Bee was deplored. Beyond the arrival of a star of the small screen, gait Laurence Bee was almost unanimously against it while the sector is hit by bird flu.

In a statement, the French foie gras producers denounced the initiative “indecent” at the time “when the survival of their farms and their industry is in peril.” The outbreak led to the freeze in production and temporary non-renewal of ducks and geese in the southwest of the farms for several months. This measure “radical” is expected to cost the industry between 300 and 350 million euros, according to them.

“A jewel of French gastronomy”

In a joint letter unusual all members, presidents of groups PS, PRG, Left Front, UDI and LR, and the former president of environmental group François de Rugy have called the “initiative” Laurence Bee “double punishment for our farmers” who “deserve outstanding support of national representation.”

“This is an attack against a jewel of French gastronomy, representing over EUR 50 million trade surplus,” said Christian Jacob, former agricultural union leader. Socialist Party national secretary for agriculture, Germinal Peiro criticized a “media operation (…) totally irresponsible” while the “health and economic crisis” puts many farmers in “total despair”. The sector “employs 30,000 direct jobs and 000 indirect 100, 75% in the southwest,” according to the member of Dordogne.

Laurence Bee initiative did not help mend an environmental group split between pro and anti-government. The defenders of the government line and have criticized a proposal giving “the image of a dogmatic ecology, prescriptive, carries forbidden”. The announcement of the filing of a bill “is all the more regrettable that everybody knows that she has virtually no chance of being considered”, they said.


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