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Césars 2016: “Mustang”, “Dheepan” and “Marguerite” among favorites – Le Parisien

With eleven nominations each, including Best Film and Best Director, “Marguerite”, comical portrait of a diva’s voice to the pan in the 1920s, and the story of initiation “Three memories of my youth” are most often selected. They are ahead “Dheepan” on the course in France of Sri Lankan refugees, nominated in nine categories.

“Mustang”, the first feature film of the Franco-Turkish director Deniz Gamze Ergüven ode to liberty and spirited narrative of emancipation five teenage sisters in Turkey, raid on his side eight nominations, including best film and best director. Other films directed by women, “My King” Maïwenn, scalpel narrative of a destructive passion, and “High Head” Emmanuelle Bercot, about a young offender, respectively eight and seven nominations harvest.

“Fatima” by Philippe Faucon, a moving portrait of immigrant housekeeper, already awarded the Louis Delluc Prize, is in turn named four times, including for Best Film. “The law of the market” by Stéphane Brizé, harsh film about the world of work, three times, including in the premier class.

diverse in style and their themes – although several films deal with social issues (“High Head”, “The law of the market”) and engaged with the world (“Mustang”, “Dheepan”) – the Caesar reflect also some parity, with three women and four men in the categories Best Film and Best Director. They also provide a place for cultural diversity, in full debate on the Oscars accused of being “too white”.
The professionals will have just over four weeks choose the winners during a second round of voting.
Last year, the Franco-Mauritanian movie “Timbuktu” Abderrahmane Sissako, chronicling daily life in northern Mali under the Cutting jihadists, who triumphed with seven awards, including best film. Best Film
“Dheepan” Jacques Audiard
“Fatima” Philippe Faucon
“Mustang” Deniz Gamze Ergüven
“The law of market “Stéphane Brizé

“My King” Maïwenn
“High Head” Emmanuelle Bercot
> “Three memories of my youth” Arnaud Desplechin.

Best actress

 Catherine Deneuve for “High Head”

 Isabelle Huppert for “Valley of Love”

 Catherine Frot for “Marguerite”

 Loubna Abidar for “Much Loved”

 Emmanuelle Bercot in “My King”

 Cécile de France in “The Beautiful Season”

 Soria Zeroual in “Fatima”

Best Actor

 Gerard Depardieu for “Valley of Love”

 Vincent Lindon for “The law of the market”

 Fabrice Luchini for “L’Hermine”

 Jean-Pierre Bacri for “The very privacy of Mr. Sim”

 Vincent Cassel for “My King”

 François Damiens for “The Cowboys”

 Antonythasan Jesuthasan for “Dheepan”

Best Director

 Jacques Audiard for “Dheepan”

 Stéphane Brizé for “The Market Act”

 Giannoli for “Marguerite”

 Maïwenn for “My King”

 Arnaud Desplechin for “Three memories of my youth”

 Emmanuelle Bercot for “High Head”

 Deniz Gamze Ergüven for “Mustang”

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

 Sara Forestier for “High Head”

 Agnes Joui for “As an aircraft”

 Sidse Babett Knudsen for “L’Hermine”

 Karin Viard for “21 nights with Pattie”

 Lvovsky for “The Beautiful Season”

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

 Michel Fau “Marguerite”

 Louis Garrel in “My King”

 Benoît Magimel in “Head held high”

 André Marcon in “Marguerite”

 Rottiers in “Dheepan”

Best actress

 Lou Roy-Lecollinet in “Three memories of my youth”

 Diane Rouxel in “High Head”

 Zita Hanrot in “Fatima”

 Sara Giraudeau in “The Nonsense”

 Camille Cottin in “bitch”

Most Promising Actor

 Swann Arlaud in “The Anarchists”

 Quentin Dolmaire in “Three memories of my youth”

 Félix Moati in “At three we go”

 Finnegan Oldfield in “The Cowboys”

 Rod Paradot in “High Head”

Original Screenplay

 Noé Debré, Thomas Bidegain, Jacques Audiard for “Dheepan”

 Giannoli for “Marguerite”

 Deniz Gamze Ergüven and Alice Winocour for “Mustang”

 Emmanuelle Bercot and Marcia Romano “High Head”

 Arnaud Desplechin and Julie Peyr for “Three memories of my youth”

Best Adapted

 David and Frederic Tellier Oelhoffen for “The SK1 case”

 Samuel Benchetrit for “Asphalt”

 Vincent Garenq and Stéphane Cabel for “The Survey”

 Philippe Faucon for “Fatima”

 Helene Zimmer and Benoît Jacquot for “Diary of a Chambermaid”

Best Foreign Film
“Birdman” Alejandro González Iñárritu
“The son of Saul” Laszlo Nemes

 “I am dead, but I have friends”
and Stephane Guillaume Malandrin
“Madre Mia” Nanni Moretti
“Taxi Tehran” Jafar Panahi
“The new testament” Jaco Van Dormael
“Youth” Paolo Sorrentino

Best first film
“The SK1 case” Frédéric Tellier
“Cowboys “ Thomas Bidegain
” Mustang “ Deniz Gamze Ergüven
” Neither heaven nor earth “Clement Cogitore

 “We three or nothing”

Best Documentary Film
“The pearl button” Patricio Guzman
“Cavanna, until the last second, I will write” Denis Robert and Nina
“Tomorrow” Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent
“The Missing Image” Rithy Panh
“A German youth” Jean-Gabriel Periot

Best Music

 Raphael “Cowboys”

 Ennio Morricone for “In May, do what you like”

 Stephen Warbeck for “My King”

 Warren Ellis for “Mustang”

 Grégoire Hetzel for “Three memories of my youth”

Best Editing
 Juliette Welfling for “Dheepan”

 Cyril Nakache for “Marguerite”

 Simon Jacquet for “My King”

 Mathilde Van Moortel for “Mustang”

 Laurence Briaud for “Three memories of my youth”

Best Costume
 Pierre-Jean Larroque for “Marguerite”

 Anaïs Romand for “Diary of a Chambermaid”

 Selin Sözen for “Mustang”

 Catherine Leterrier for “The Scent of Tangerine”

 Nathalie Raoul for “Three memories of my youth”

Best Set

 Michel Barthélémy for “Dheepan”

 Katia Wyszop for “Diary of a Chambermaid”

 Martin Kurel for “Marguerite”

 Jean rabasse for “The Scent of Tangerine”

 Toma Baqueni for “Three memories of my youth”

Best Sound

 Daniel Sobrino, Valerie Deloof, Cyril Holtz for “Dheepan”

 François Musy and Gabriel Hafner for “Marguerite”

 Nicolas Provost, Agnes Ravez and Emmanuel Croset for “My King”

 Ibrahim Gök, Damien Guillaume and Olivier Goinard for “Mustang”

 Nicolas Cantin, Sylvain Malbrant and Stéphane Thiébaut for “Three memories of my youth”

Best Photo

 Eponine Momenceau for “Dheepan”

 Glynn Speeckaert for “Marguerite”

 David Chizallet for “Mustang”

 Irina Lubtchansky for “Three memories of my youth”

 Christophe Offenstein for “Valley of Love”

Best Short Film
“The cons -allée “ Cécile Ducrocq

 “The last of céfrans”
Pierre-Emmanuel Urcun

 “Try to die young”
Simon Morgan

 “Guy Moquet”
Demis Herenger

 “My hero”
Sylvain Desclous

 Best Animated Film

 For the short film
“The American Night Angélique” Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet and Joris Clerté
“The Sunday meal” Celine Devaux

 “Under your fingers”
Marie Christine Courtès
“Tigers in single file” Benedict Chieux

For the feature
“Adama” Simon Rouby
“rigged in April and the world” Christian Desmares and Franck Ekinci
“The Little Prince” Mark Osborne

Honorary César for Michael Douglas After
Sean Penn in 2015, it is the American actor Michael Douglas, who will receive an Honorary César this year. “Straight out of Hollywood magic, Michael Douglas brings to American cinema is innovative and ever richer, through films like” Black Rain “Ridley Scott’s” Free Fall “Joel Schumacher or” The Game “of David Fincher, “says the Academy.


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