Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blade Runner 2 official start filming in July – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Thirty four years after the first film by Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford plays again the character of Rick Deckard, alongside Ryan Gosling, under the direction of Denis Villeneuve. Sony has just confirmed that the first cranks towers will be given in the summer of 2016.

This time it’s official. Sony studios confirm the production start date of the Blade Runner 2 designed by Canadian Denis Villeneuve.

The rest of the science fiction cult film by Ridley Scott, adapted from Philip K. Dick novel begins in July.

The cast of this much anticipated sequel, and whose mystery remains, there are of Harrison Ford, who gets his fighter cult role replicants Rick Deckard. At his side, there is the young Ryan Gosling, Canadian as Villeneuve, and should bring new blood to this franchise from 1982.

Ridley Scott, who will act as executive producer of the film, also closely supervised the synopsis of this suite, written by Hampton Fancher (who had co-written the original script). Interviewed ar Le Figaro at the exit of Only on Mars , Scott had then said: “I met Denis Villeneuve. This is a good filmmaker. I make him confidence. He must stick to the script. “

As for Villeneuve, these words can maybe put on track. At a press conference during the Toronto International Film Festival, the filmmaker has delivered, cryptic way, his vision of the original fantasy thriller imagined by Ridley Scott in 1982: “I will respect the mystery of the first B lade Runner … “

The other confirmed information that hints that all means will be made available to the director of Prisoners, it is the presence of the great Roger Deakins legendary director of photography, to whom we owe among other movies Skyfall , No Country for Old Men … or Sicario .


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