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“Made in France”, diving in the heart of a jihadist cell, is limited to VOD – The World

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Nassim Si Ahmed in the film Nicolas Boukhrief, & quot; Made in France & quot ;.

A journalist infiltrated an underground mosque includes a jihadist cell in the making, the first planned attack aimed school. From this idea, he developed following the killings in March 2012 by Mohamed Merah – who killed seven people – in Toulouse and Montauban, Nicolas Boukhrief, former movie critic to the journal Starfix become a screenwriter and filmmaker (he is the author including Conveyor in 2003, and Guardians of the order in 2009), had a small but effective thriller, whose political intelligence reflects on all aspects of the staging

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Tendu by suspense that rises in steps over the skids and accelerations that accidents impose on the course, largely improvised, terrorist apprentices, this film could legitimately find its place in the halls of multiplexes. Especially since it is remarkably interpreted by the actors fairer than others, engaging, as are some French movies with the real state of the country. The wave of attacks that hit France in 2015 changed its destiny and led, in January, SND, the original distributor, to withdraw from the project and discouraged, after the attacks of November 13, circuits rooms to program on their screens (see Le Monde dated November 16, 2015 and dated January 14, 2016)

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Mixture of amateurism and expertise

We could, however, argue that these tragic events have helped to defuse this this film, which comes out directly on VOD, could have controversy. The composition of the jihadist cell is quite different, for example, that of Philippe Faucon staged in The Disintegration (2011), the first detective on the preparation of a Jihadist attack on French soil, where the characters were from a relatively homogeneous social fabric (suburban North African immigration …).

Here, the composition of terrorist group reflects a more complex reality, representative of the landscape the French jihadism is accurate as of January 2015: plurality of geographical and social backgrounds of the candidates for jihad radicalization multiple channels (Internet, prison, Salafi mosques …) and motivation (humanitarian, political, “ressentimentales” purely criminal, all crystallized in a common adherence to radical Islam), a mixture of more or less marked amateurism and expertise in handling weapons …

Five characters Five different profiles

The five main characters very well reflect five different profiles. There Hassan, the eldest, who relies training which he received in Pakistan and orders that would have given him, on this occasion to proclaim himself master of operations and install, within of the cell, a general climate of distrust and paranoia.

There Driss, most radically indoctrinated young man determined to make war on France and convinced of the moral rightness of his cause.

There Christophe, son Dad freewheeling, from a Breton Catholic family – the comic character of the film – which finds in radical Islam, a source of adrenaline, a using tear to the heir life mapped out for him by his father.

There Sidi, a boy with mild temperament quickly taken to the idea of ​​doubts take action .

Focused on action, on the evolution of the body in space, staging does not leave room to comment

And then there’s Sam, the journalist who uses her Muslim background and his knowledge of Arabic to embark on this undercover operation by endorsing the intellectual role of the band, always ready to translate a Koranic verse to his friends, giving them language courses, to engage in theological debate. Taken aback by the sudden acceleration of events, it is exceeded when an expedition with an arms dealer turns to carnage and several deaths. Touching fact, he turns to the police who forced him to enter his service as an indicator.

Focusing on action, on the evolution of the body in space, the tension that weighs on the shoulders of the hero (who fears not only for his life but for those of his wife and young son), on the subtle levers that operates to reverse the dynamics of the group, the stage does not leave room for comment. Fat-free, it prints a relentless momentum to this thriller, which combines brilliantly, the description of a social reality, the expression of a strong political views and a sense of spectacle that has – almost – nothing envy its large American models.

French Film with Nicolas Boukhrief Malik Zidi, Dimitri Storoge, François Civil, Nassim Si Ahmed and Ahmed Drame (1 h 29). On the Web:


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