Saturday, January 23, 2016

In Colmar, François Hollande boasts taxation of patronage – The Point

On the road to Colmar Saturday Hollande underlined its commitment to fiscal measures to facilitate sponsorship, which “helps to enrich the heritage of the Nation.” “The tax system contains provisions for patrons. These provisions are regularly raised by parliamentarians. Here I want to confirm the orientation of ours. It’s very important to have these mechanisms, because it enriches the Nation’s heritage, “said the president, who had just inaugurated the new Museum Unterlinden Colmar, rich many medieval and Renaissance jewels, but also contemporaries.

Example the Picasso Museum

Francois Hollande was accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Fleur Pellerin. “It is very important that we continue to acquire major works. Until recently, two Rembrandt were preparing to leave the country,” noted the president in a speech to several regional leaders. “The Picasso Museum in Paris, he insisted, is a set of gifts or purchases that were made possible through our taxes.”

A key component of the attractiveness territory, culture also represents “a major element of collective belonging to the nation,” he said. “This is why terrorism (…) attacks the very idea of ​​culture, when it hits young people in theaters, when it aims tourists in museums,” said Francois Hollande mentioning as “what has been massacred in Palmyra” (Syria).


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