Friday, January 29, 2016

Death of Jacques Rivette, the man who loved the passion – Le Figaro

DISAPPEARANCE – The filmmaker died Friday at the age of 87. He leaves an original work, open, bold.

He was frail, fragile, of infinite sweetness. He faded. Illness forced him to retirement. We did not forget. We lived with his films, with the memory of the few stagings, with his books. Jacques Rivette died Friday morning. He would have turned 88 on March 1st. An illness, long and cruel, had cut off from the world of appearances.

He was frail, but of moral strength and intelligence, culture flawless. Jacques Rivette was a man of the book, a literature enthusiast to the phenomenal memory. He read it and wrote many of his films are inspired by literary works starting with Suzanne Simonin, religious Diderot (exact title of his 1966 film, starring Anna Karina, prohibited by André Malraux , then Minister of Culture. A censorship that made him known to the general public. It would be past.

Under the sun of Saturn

Early on, Jacques Rivette had loved the film and Rouen he had already shot his first film, the four corners. In Paris, the one his friend Claude Chabrol said it looked like the Cheshire cat Alice in wonderland , took part in lives of two magazines. The cinema Gazette born in 1950 around a film club of the Latin Quarter. Jean-Luc Godard and Maurice Scherer which takes the name Eric Rohmer, are in the game. Can The coming Cahiers du cinema. It works from 53 before taking the direction of 63 to 65. Until the edge of the 70, it will publish articles.

He belonged to that generation called “New Wave”. If he could be scathing in his judgments, he revered those he was assistant, Jacques Becker, Jean Renoir, learning his trade on the plates.

This man often dark character, taciturn, organizing themselves, even in the happiest years of his life, that they may have great difficulty reaching, the man who was hiding under the sun Saturn was, was committed. Spotted by Pierre Braunberger, his film twenty minutes, Le Coup du berger, it started without a penny, brings him the recognition of the environment. It is barely 56.

The short films of Jacques Rivette are rarities: he loved filming long, he liked to take his time, he knew that one settles in a movie as in a thick novel on which we dread coming to see the last page. Released in 1969, Mad Love than four hours. There we find the hero of the Idols theater, Bulle Ogier and Jean-Pierre Kalfon. André Téchiné’s assistant. An emblematic film immediately after May 68. An actress, a director. A break.

The fascinating Beautiful Troublemaker

Bulle Ogier is the best actress in the world of Jacques Rivette. It has grace, delicacy, beauty, depth of those that are found in all his films and he met in his theatrical attempts. Bulle Ogier shot seven feature films under his leadership, including the unclassifiable Out 1: Noli Me Tangere , twelve forty of which he will make a shorter version. At that time, he relies on a terse synopsis and improvisations. But it will evolve and come to the “canvas” (also the theater). This is the case for Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974) or The Gang of Four (88)

It turns a lot.: Dual, Noroît , The North Bridge , earth with Love . Christine Laurent and Pascal Bonitzer sign scenarios. In 1991 he met Michel Piccoli and Emmanuelle Béart in the fascinating Beautiful Troublemaker by Balzacet starts one of his very great movies: the two parts of Jeanne la Pucelle with Sandrine Bonnaire (1994). The actors, actresses adored this man of “I do not know” .At Throughout his life, he had gone through moments of discouragement. Friends watching. It resumed. In 2007, with Do not touch the ax is based The Duchess of Langeais of his dear Balzac, he finds his single theme: the dangerous passion. And it was just that: passion



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