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Visit of François Hollande “A Republican copy path” – The

In addition to the elected City Council, mayors of the town, and officials of all kinds, the first circle of Gilbert Meyer was well represented yesterday at noon in the foyer of the Municipal Theatre. Those have not been disappointed: before handing the mayor of Colmar insignia of Officer of the National Order of Merit, Francois Hollande has drawn a portrait of him more appreciative

“. Colmar, your city “

Before the” eminent jurist, the former member and wise manager, “that is the” mayor of Colmar “the head of state had just decorate ‘C’ is a trusting relationship that has developed with you for over twenty years. Colmar is your city, your commitment, your passion. “

Francois Hollande recalled the peasant roots of native Dessenheim,” high in the direction of the effort and admiration of General de Gaulle. ” Well briefed on the course of the tireless Capricorn climbing, climbing, the Head of State recalled that he had “climbed the ladder of internal promotion ‘for mayor of Fessenheim, before conquering all seats Possible: General Counsel, regional, and finally deputy mayor of Colmar. About his parliamentary action, he reiterated his unwavering support to the army and the law passed in 1998 that bears his name, to enable vacant housing owners to entrust the management of their property to housing organizations. “You always had a conception of public affairs that put you above political divisions”, welcomed Francois Hollande. To say that the person was drinking whey.

“With Gilbert Meyer is never finished”

On Colmar, the head of state believes that the mayor has made his city “a place of history looking towards the future, a symbol of Alsace open to the world” by focusing on culture and heritage as “economic engine”. And list the Grillen, the Pole Digital culture, Unterlinden museum … “But with Gilbert Meyer is never finished,” smiles the head of state, who took note of the appeal of the foot favor of the draft European Centre of old book (see cons below).

Francois Hollande finally praised the “republican path copy” of one that had started in life with an accountant CAP and capacity in law. The proof that one can “reach the highest level of political responsibility and make his mark.”

After the presentation of official insignia of Merit and a warm hug republican, Gilbert Meyer sprained the protocol. It is “the name of all Colmar” that he is “allowed a few words” after the president. “Surprised” to appear on his personal promotion, he thanked the Head of State for his visit: “A feast for all Alsace and Colmar. You may have noticed in the streets. “As a token of gratitude, the mayor gave to Francois Hollande a replica of the Statue of Liberty,” the largest ever given to a personality, to light up your office with the message of Liberty. ” In return, pending funding, for which “we will see later us,” the head of state awarded him the Medal of the Presidency of the Republic. New handshake.

Twenty minutes later, around 13 h 50, the president finally left Colmar, after a final wave to the hundred people massed behind the barriers near the theater.

Without gloves

In keeping with its “touch” reputation, Gilbert Meyer took no gloves with the presidential delegation. Upon arrival at the Unterlinden museum, and repeatedly, the mayor of Colmar Francois Hollande took her by the neck. The Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin also had right from the start with one hand on the cheek, before the mayor takes his hand squarely in the foyer of the theater during the President’s speech. The latter then evoked the pugnacity of the mayor to defend their records, “With Gilbert Meyer is never finished. “The local politician has evidently known to sell the center of the old book,” I told the Minister of Culture monitor this issue and I do not doubt that you will remember his good memory. “

television hiccups

To say that the live broadcast by TV7 Presidential visit Unterlinden museum has had hiccups: the” rushed “framing gave evil sea ​​of ​​more than one and interrupts the beam have been numerous. Hats off to Regis Schaeffer which provided the commentary to this broadcast without sound, and governance TV7 which deployed wealth of imagination to fill …

Republican divisions

the arrival of Francois Hollande to the room Catherinettes Gilbert Meyer presented it as Wadi Pierre, “chairman of the Republican group” in opposition to the city council. And present in the wake his first deputy Yves Hemedinger, “too Republican.” ” Really ? There are also for you? “Had fun the Head of State.


We know the taste for Francois Hollande has contact with French. While it was not necessarily foreseen in the program, the President is yet to shake hands went out of Catherinettes. Police said 300 people moved to different points dam, some hesitate to hail the statesman as if he were a rock star!

Label “interest national “

The Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin announced yesterday during the inaugural visit Unterlinden, the next temporary exhibition of the museum was awarded the” national interest “. A pleasant surprise for the curator and curator of the event Frédérique Goerig Hergott. The exhibition, entitled “Otto Dix and the Isenheim Altarpiece”, will begin on October 8.

Knighted right, left

At the bottom of the spiral staircase of the museum Unterlinden, Gilbert Meyer suddenly arrested Francois Hollande drawing by Patrick Pincet arms: “Mr. President, let me introduce my Chief services …” “I know, has cut the socialist manager. I dared not make you the compliment … “probably reference to the time when the officer used the socialist mayors or at least more to the left than the mayor of Colmar (Roland Ries and Jean-Pierre Chevènement …) Here is a man knighted in left and right!

Who says 50 journalists at the inauguration of Unterlinden museum, said string of subjects virtually live on television. Many colleagues have called the site Colmar “the little Louvre”, it seems that these two institutions have in common is heterogeneous collections or said scientifically “encyclopedic”

C ‘. is to say that there are works and objects from the Iron Age to the XXI th century.


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