Friday, January 22, 2016

Boycott Oscars: “It’s anti-white racism” Charlotte Rampling – Le Parisien

The British star, named this year as Best Actress for her role in “45 years” this morning was the guest of Europe 1. When asked if she understood the anger of Spike Lee, Charlotte Rampling replied: “No. I find it … well, it’s the other way. Here, I find it racist for whites. ” And a hypothesis: “Perhaps the black players do not deserve to be in the home stretch.”

The idea of ​​establishing quotas, also issued by Spike Lee , is not found either through his eyes. “Why classify people? We live still now in countries where it is more or less accepted. “Fatalist, she believes that” there will always be problematic, it is less beautiful, it is too dark, it is too white “.

AUDIO. The boycott Oscars deemed too white, “is anti-white racism”


Oscars: Charlotte Rampling and “anti racism … by Europe1fr

For the second consecutive year, no black actor or actress was nominated for Oscar, a lack of diversity that has sparked a new controversy. The wife of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, is one of the first to be mounted to the plate. Since, the director hired Spike Lee also announced that it would shine by its absence. “Me that night I will go see the New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden,” said the great basketball fan in an interview on ABC. Thursday is that Will Smith that he too would boycott the evening Vedette the recent “Alone against all,” which was not included in the Oscar race when he was among the favorites, he said on ABC. “We have this idea in our community if we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem “

The actors and actresses nominated for the ceremony are chosen by the industry players in the powerful Academy. cinema arts and sciences, with a total of over 6,000 members, overwhelmingly white and elderly men. Cheryl Boone Isaacs, president of the Academy, has itself admitted having “broken heart and feeling frustrated” by the slow pace of change. According to Variety magazine, it might also consider a change in the criteria for membership or complex calculations accompanying the votes and which weigh heavily on the selection.

mobilized stars

 Having suggested that “thinking” at a possible boycott of the February 28 Oscars, the actor Mark Ruffalo, a finalist for the award for best supporting actor with “Spotlight”, finally said on Twitter that he would attend .

 The actor starring George Clooney spoke regression over the past decade. Lupita Nyong’o, last black actress to win an Oscar, for “Twelve years a slave” two years ago, said on Instagram that it “supports his peers who call for change and the expansion of the field stories told (by Hollywood movies) and the recognition of the people who tell them. ” Dustin Hoffman has meanwhile estimated on the BBC that there is in the US “subliminal racism” and that there is a bigger problem than the Oscar nominations in “young black people are killed in our streets by the police. “


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