Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hermann last Grand Prix of Angoulême – FranceTV info

flunked last year, this time Hermann won the majority of votes for the flagship award Angoulême festival. “I’m not care,” he said in 2015. This year he is happy.

“Thanks to the authors who voted for me, I find it very friendly and frankly I do not expect there to be so many designers who like me, “said the Belgian author, welcomed mine. These are the authors who have attributed the award to Hermann by a vote from an open list. 1194 authors participated. 37% of the votes went to Hermann that beat the British writer Alan Moore (34%). The French Claire Wendling got it after the debate on sexism festival, 29% of votes. In 2015, Alan Moore and Hermann had already met in the final trifecta Katsuhiro Otomo behind the Japanese who won the prize. Without playing Brice Dyer of comics, one can say that the vote was a continuation of the previous vote. Half surprise therefore all we had seen yesterday afternoon the author arrived in Angoulême train station a few hours before the ceremony.

From the album Without forgiveness (Hermann / Yves H / Le Lombard, 2015).

Album Extract Without forgiveness (Hermann / Yves H / Le Lombard, 2015).

Hermann, grumpy comics? “I spend an exaggerated manner to be a horrible case forbidding bear. This is not true, but I’m not very diplomatic, I have to admit, in fact, “concedes the Grand Prize 2016. Hermann is not a bear but do not always wears a broad smile graceful. He often liberated speech and colorful verb. “I do not give a damn,” he confided last year about the Grand Prize at the specialized site ActuaBD. The quick-tempered man, he can also come down. Well advised, he had returned from his comments on. The winner has strong support among the authors who consider him a master of the 9th art. “I jubilant” writes François Boucq on his Facebook page which draws the Grand hilarious price on a horse. With over 50 albums, Hermann made graphically the admiration of several generations of designers.

 Drawing & # XE7 Fran; ois Boucq published xe9 & #; on the Facebook page XE8 after & #; s announcement of the Grand Prize.

Hermann happy designed by François Boucq and published on his Facebook page after the announcement of the Grand Prize.

Hermann is an author that can be described in the traditional Franco-Belgian comics. His career really began in 1966 in the weekly Tintin with Greg for screenwriter. It is the designer of the four major series: Bernard Prince, Comanche, Jeremiah and The Tours Bois Maury It is also writer.. It has in its catalog many one-shot that makes for some years with his son Yves H scenario. His style is realistic, depending on the time using the pen or watercolors.

Hermann has its own graphics. His drawings emerge dull energy, his characters an animal of up violence. In his albums, frames and decorations are never neglected placing the immersion drive in stakeholder environments. Plains of the American West at the icy wilderness of Siberia, Hermann put his line in such diverse worlds as that of the Western, the anticipation, the historical narrative or thriller. With an underlying darkness in the characters and bitterness in human relationships. Hermann Huppen says “Hermann” at age 77, is the fourth Belgian Grand Prize winning author of international Festival of the comic (FIBD) Angoulême. Beautiful recognition of an author’s talent and experienced career. Tradition requires, he designed the poster for the 2017 edition.


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