Saturday, January 30, 2016

BD: Tunisian Nadia Khiari winner of balls-to-ass price – Le Figaro

The trophy, form just as provocative as its name, was awarded this Saturday, January 30 to the Tunisian designer. The award, honoring humor and freedom of expression, strongly criticized.

The Prize ‘Sucking ass “continues to feed sneers. Yet the serious trophy was awarded this Saturday, January 30 in the Off Festival of comics in Angoulême, the talented Nadia Khiari Tunisian designer, creator of the character Willis from Tunis.

“I dedicate this award to all those who prefer freedom to security, those who are not afraid, those who resist,” said the designer. Nadia Khiari, 42, has embarked on the satirical drawing since the Tunisian revolution of 2011. She is the author of the adventures of the cat Willis from Tunis, a mischievous and mocking cat that does not respect anything or anyone except freedom. “For the pessimists who say that the Arab Spring is still a failure, I say that we should not underestimate us. It takes time. The Revolution is a long time but it’s good, “said the winner.

Yan Lindingre, cartoonist ( Titine Chez Francisque …) and the editor of Fluid Glacial has created this award. “The title is deliberately provocative and trivial, but it helps to remember that the profession of comedians, and in the case of cartoonists is to make people laugh. Although some have paid with their lives, so do not think that the humor cartoonists have become overnight serious people, “he says. The award is intended to reward “artistic courage of a writer.”

He succeeds price “Freedom of Expression” launched last year by the festival organization after the attack against Charlie Hebdo in January 2015. “At the presentation of the 43rd Angouleme program, Franck Bondoux (festival director) and announced that they were postponing Marika Bret delivery of a new award to freedom of expression, considered too dangerous for the winner, “deplored Fluid Glacial . “All things considered, we believe on the contrary that a Nobel Peace Prize has never hindered its recipient if the latter undergoes threats in his country. By granting a price even a little publicized, the winner gain visibility and provides support worldwide, “said Yan Lindingre.


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