Saturday, January 16, 2016

Star Wars Rebels: a link with The Force Wake revealed in the new trailer – Screenrush

A detail of the new trailer for Star Wars Rebels indicates a clear link between Star Wars Rebels VII and the episode of Star Wars: the Force Alarm clock.

A few days of recovery after the winter break, the Star Wars Rebels series offers a new trailer for the rest of his season 2. On the program: Dark Vader still formidable, the advice of Yoda, a strategic issue size, the return of a great villain of the galactic saga and a big surprise in the presence of an object quite amazing.

making direct reference to Star Wars: the Force Alarm, this object leaves some questions unanswered. Especially if one remembers that Rebels happens between Episodes III and IV of Star Wars movies, years and years before Episode VII …

The season 2 Rebels returns 20 January on Disney XD

The following is an excerpt from Season 2.

Star Wars Rebels Video sample


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