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Who was Felicien Marceau, the predecessor of the French Academy Finkielkraut? – The Obs

Elected to the French Academy, Alain Finkielkraut there came “session take” this Thursday, January 28 afternoon, praising – as is tradition – the former chair occupant 4 of the Meeting of “Immortals,” Felicien Marceau.

Essayist, novelist, playwright, his appointment to the Academy in 1975 had controversy. Portrait.

Louis Carette #

Before going on to posterity by his pen name, Félicien Marceau was born Louis Carette. Born in 1913 in Cortenberg – near Brussels – in a family of Catholic officials and Francophile, he studied law at the University of Leuven before turning to journalism and writing

A. eight, he wrote his first Roman “The Kaffir”, that layer on a book of accounts stolen from his mother. When he died in 2012 – at the ripe age of 98, became Félicien Marceau, he is dean of the French Academy

Balzac #

Fascinated by the “Napoleon. Letters “, he devotes a literary critic essay to the work of Balzac and sees its” Balzac and his world “as a” who’s who “of some 95 books and 2,500 characters of the” Human Comedy “.

Released in 1970, the book – exhaustive but austere appearance. – caused a sensation in literary and intellectual landscape was dominated by the existentialists and figure committed by Jean-Paul Sartre, kind of double germanopratin Felicien Marceau

Goncourt #

Renowned close Hussars , Felicien Marceau has won numerous literary awards. It gleans the Interallié in autumn 1953 “The Elks of the heart”, then comes the consecration and Prix Goncourt 1969 his novel “ Creezy the story of a bitter and impatient love between a deputy and a “cover girl”.

For me, ‘literature’ should be written ‘bed and erasures “,’ he used to say.

# Collabo?

A very” dark matter, “that the years . War Balzac disciple Appointed in 1936 to the Belgian broadcasting, as a representative of the Catholic party, he became a reporter for Radio Brussels – a pro-Nazi frequency, created and managed by the military administration in 1940 and German- resigns May 15, 1942. “A youth bullshit,” considers Felicien Marceau, many years later in his memoirs “The short years” (1968), explaining that “dementia” antisemitic occupant had driven to slam the door.

Except that the young Louis Carrette did not write that theater critics on Radio Brussels. At the time of the Liberation of Belgium, the new authorities will remind the good memories, many of his stories that have “served the designs of the enemy.”

# Forfeiture nationality

Sentenced in absentia in January and October 1946 by the Brussels Council of War to 15 years hard labor for “treason” and “profit motive,” Felicien Marceau went into exile in France. Stripped of his Belgian nationality, he became stateless.

In 1959, General de Gaulle, after consulting his record, grant him French nationality.

thank so whoever you who is French, has enabled us to elect you. How doubt that he had approved our choice, since both is he who partially opened the doors of our house, “launch playwright André Roussin, responsible for hosting Félicien Marceau its entry to the Academy in 1975.

Resignation #

His election to the chair 21 of the French Academy was not without difficulty. In 1975, under the dome of the Quai Conti, all the “immortals” have not the meekness of the “man of 18 June” and have not forgiven Félicien Marceau’s attitude during the Occupation

This is the case of the poet Pierre Emmanuel resistant. – elected in 1968 the 4th chair -., who claims to have resigned and continues to serve on the announcement of the election of its new classmate However, as usual, the Academy does not take official act of resignation and waits for the death of poet in 1984 to replace it.

Boards #

“The novel is a long patience, it is a knitting. A room, on the contrary, it is a part of baccarat. Have to write it quickly, after thinking still much longer, “he says.

Author prolific theater, it’s a triumph with” L “Egg” (1956) and ” La Bonne Soupe “(1958) and therefore connects successes and projects on a one piece per year until the late 60s.

# Modest

D a modest and reasonable natural, despite its impressive showcase of “trophies” literary, Felicien Marceau confessed “little talk” and give “a sore seal for a chapter or article that anyone would write in the quarter of time “.

Lucas Burel


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