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Rant Spike Lee the filmmaker boycott the Oscars – Screenrush

Recipient Oscar crowning of the Lifetime Honor, filmmaker Spike Lee announced it would boycott the ceremony, and denouncing the systematic appointment of absence an African-American artist.

In the final evening of Gouvernors Awards, November 14, 2015, Spike Lee was awarded an Honorary Oscar for lifetime achievement, along another prestigious laureate of this year, the favorite actress of John Cassavetes, Gena Rowlands. Despite this recognition by the Academy, the director finds unacceptable the absence of any African American in the nominations for the main categories

Indeed, the suitors were not lacking, however. Will Smith for Concussion Idris Elba for Beast Of No Nation or Samuel L. Jackson in the latest installment signed Quentin Tarantino Eight Salopards would all have been expected to be named among the best players in a star of the year. Side achievement, Ryan Coogler and F. Gary Gray conspicuously absent for Creed – The legacy of Rocky Balboa and NWA. – Straight Outta Compton

As a result, it will happen the director of Do The Right Thing at the Oscars. On his Instagram account , Spike Lee then relayed issued a message on Twitter by using the hashtag now famous #OscarsSoWhite.

== & gt; Tarantino and Spike Lee: the quarrel continues

Here is a translation of the full text published by the director of the recent Chi-Raq, including The French release date has not yet been unveiled:

“I would like to thank Cheryl Boone Isaacs President and the Committee of Governors of the Academy of Arts and Film Sciences who rewarded me with an Honorary Oscar in November. I’m very grateful. However, my wife, Ms. Tonya Lewis Lee and I will not be present at the next Oscars in February. We can encourage it on its way or disrespect to my friends, Chris Rock presenter and producer Reggie Hudlin , and the President and all Isaacs Academy. But how is it possible that for the second consecutive year, named in 20 categories reserved for actors are white?

Not to mention the other areas. 40 players in two years and not a hint of color. We can not play or what? ? WTF It’s not a coincidence that I am writing this the day we celebrate the 30th time for the Day of Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King said, “There comes a time when everyone must take all conscience a position that is neither safe, nor political nor popular. “. For too many years, every new revelation of Oscar nominations, the phone rang in my office with a media on the phone asking me a comment on the absence of African Americans and this year has not breached Rule. For once (maybe) I would like to turn to the media named and studio bosses to ask them what light they see this election composed only of white. If someone has already done and that I have not seen him pass, I stand corrected.

From my point of view, the “real” fight does not happen at the Oscars. But in the offices of leaders of Hollywood studios and television networks. This is where the gatekeepers decide what will and what will be taken over or simply bazardé. That’s what matters. The guardians of the temple. Those who give the green light. As sung by Leslie Odom Jr., this great actor dancing in revolutionary Broadway musical HAMILTON: “. I WANT TO BE WHERE IT HAPPENS” To all of you: the truth is that we are not as minorities and there will not be appointed to the Oscars remain white as snow “

. is not the first exit Spike Lee, which has already fallen out with his former collaborator Quentin Tarantino – who made an appearance in the film Girl 6 – for its indulgent use of the term “Nigger” in the film Django Unchained Tarantino. was recently confirmed to have no intention to reconcile with the filmmaker.

The approach Spike Lee for the 2016 Oscars is still supported, especially by the actress Jada Pinkett Smith who posté Facebook this weekend a video expressing his dissatisfaction with this situation. Before announcing that she would not follow the ceremony or on site, or at home, the actress told “Begging recognition or even ask undermines our dignity and weakens us. Let the Academy do, with courtesy and affection, and do differently on our side. “

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