Friday, January 22, 2016

Oscars 2016: Will Smith and Rampling sow confusion – Le Figaro

Hero Independence day following his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith who has disowned the ceremony on February 28. Charlotte Rampling, vying for Academy Award for Best Actress, sees these calls to boycott “anti-white racism”. Comments that ignited the foreign press …

There are two schools in Hollywood. Those who will be present in the aisles of Dolby Theather and those who shine by their absence on 28 February.

Not surprisingly, Will Smith confirmed Thursday he would not participate in the 88th Academy Awards, including nominations excluding any actor and director from minority for the second consecutive year have triggered intense controversy. The star of Men in black , which was hoped to be named himself with One against all , following the protests, initiated by his wife Jada Pinkett and director Spike Lee.

“It would be very uncomfortable to be on the red carpet and give the impression that this lack of diversity is acceptable,” said the actor. “The superforce US is its diversity. Hollywood, when he gives the best of itself, creates imagery that reflects this beauty. Currently this is not the case, “says Will Smith. Like George Clooney, he finds that the cinema industry is declining, “When I was appointed against the Oscars, I have not been beaten by white actors but by Denzel Washington and Forrest Whitaker then. All appointees are exceptional this year but this is not the right direction. ”

He added: “The situation illustrates the challenges our nation faces. We are stalked by separatism, social and racial disharmony. But this is not the Hollywood I want to leave behind me. “

Will Smith is not the only one who asked to attend or not to the 88th Academy Awards. Mark Ruffalo, vying for the statuette for Best Supporting Actor for Spotlight , supports his peers who call for a boycott and was tempted to join them, before changing his mind. “I defend a film which speaks of victims of pedophile priests. They too have been disenfranchised and have not been heard. I can not let them down, “said the star of Avengers.

The excitement caused by its nominations submitted on the front of the stage one facet of the problem the lack of openness of the Academy. 53% of the 6261 jury are of Caucasian men over 60 years. Many actors and even President Oscar argue for an influx of new members from all backgrounds. Latest to join the debate: Reese Witherspoon. Sacred best actress in 2006 for the biopic Walk the line , she hopes that future voters will bring new blood to the electorate of the Oscars.

However, the other side Atlantic Charlotte Rampling disavowed this boycott it terms “anti-white racism”. Vying for the statuette for Best Actress, she said Friday morning on Europe 1 : “Maybe black actors do not deserve to be in the home stretch.” Should quotas as suggested by Spike Lee? “Why classify people?” Was she asked. “They, they feel like a minority, they think ‘we are is black actors and is insufficient’” asks the heroine of 45 .

His words made headlines in several British newspapers, to be published on Saturday, including The Times, the Daily Mail, The Independent


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