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Michel Tournier death, author of Erl King and “storyteller” – L’Express

The writer Michel Tournier, 91, died at his home in Choisel, in the Yvelines, according to relatives and town hall. Key figure of French literature from the second half of the twentieth century, he received the Prix Goncourt for The Erl King in 1970. He is also known for its essential work Friday or Life Wild (1971) and Friday, or, The Other Island (1967).

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“He died at 19 o’clock that night,” surrounded by his family, said his godson, Laurent Feliculis, the writer regarded as his adopted son. “We lived round the clock with him, he could not remain alone for three months. When he walked, he had a tendency to fall, we took care of him,” said Laurent Feliculis. The writer lived for over half a century in the former presbytery of the village. “In the last time he did not want to fight, it was old age,” said Laurent Feliculis.

“He never left his home”

A neighbor, Jean Reinhart’s lawyer, said he had gone to see him yesterday. “It was unfortunately very bad shape and we expected a quick end, he only emerged over at him,” he said. “It was a character in Choisel, everybody knew it,” he added.

magazine Read had met Michel Tournier “in his rectory of the Chevreuse Valley.” An interview to (re) discover here.

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Burial in the village of Choiseul

“He wanted to be buried here, “said Alain Lord Mayor of Choisel, town of some 550 inhabitants where the novelist lived since 1957.” This village, he was a little in love. He chose the location of his grave at the foot of a shaft”. The disappearance of Michel Tournier, frequently mentioned for the Nobel and widely translated, only author to have won the Goncourt prize unanimously, immediately prompted tributes from politics and culture. Francois Hollande praised a “huge talent”, “between realism and magic,” Manuel Valls “a storyteller.” Bernard Pivot and Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin were also expressed.

A work inspired by myths

In an interview with Le Figaro published last year, the writer considered its balance sheet “rather good”. “At the end of his life, his life can be evaluated using six criteria: physical, family, time, friendships, love, profession My assessment is rather good, with the same professional summit. that represents the Prix Goncourt. The weak point is the time where I lived, “he confided.

Michel Tournier, whose work is inspired by the myths he had renewed with wit and acuity, came to literature more than 40 years. “What I had to say was both so secret and so essential that I needed a long maturation to publish anything,” he explained.

Brought to the influence of Germany

In 1967, he obtained the outset of the Great Novel Prize of the French Academy with Friday, or the limbo Pacific . He confirmed three years later, with The Erl King , brought to the screen in 1996 by Volker Schlöndorff, and then in 1975 with Meteora .

Born December 19, 1924 in Paris Germanists parents, Michel Tournier was fed to the influence of Germany. He studied philosophy at the Sorbonne and the University of Tübingen but failed the aggregation, which he will suffer much. From 1950 to 1968, he was a translator, press secretary to Europe 1, publisher Plon, presenter of a TV show about photography.

A prolific work

His work account other novels like Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar (1980), E Leazar or source and the bush (1996), new collections like The MEDIANOCHE lovers (1989), stories like The Woodcock ( 1978), essays like The flight of vampire (1981), more personal books like The Wind Paraclete (1977) or Journal extime ( 2002).

He had also published a dozen books on the photo and Lucien Clergue participated in the creation of photographic Rencontres d’Arles.


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