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Festival Alpe d’Huez: France more beautiful, more beautiful comedy? – L’Express

Eleven films in the program, competing (C) or out of competition (HC) . And beyond the quality of each other, sometimes fall short, they draw Mood comedy Made in France , the popular genre Festival Alpe d’Huez honors for nineteen years.

“Since we must make do as we can and take control, as do several”: this could be the course of action of the majority of the films presented. With such broad picture: France a friendly, supportive, open, multicultural. A cry from the atmosphere, real or supposed, of the country today. Makes you wonder if the filmmakers do not adopt the Coue method to beautify the landscape. It was also seen young actors from the TV, canvas or scene, will shake a fun language and dialogues -école post-Nuls- Bronzés, relatively few movies, but a good mood and many sincere affection. Not so bad after all. Heartened against cynicism.

Besides the official record, here’s another:

Male Newcomer Award

Pierre Lottin in The Tuches 2: the American dream, Olivier Baroux (HC) . He plays the eldest son of the family redneck, junk rapper who chewed his dialogues as a pack of chewing gum. The film is pretty lazy but he is exceptional. He knows how to move, hold the screen and laugh in a jiffy. To be continued. Output Feb. 3 .

Pierre Lottin

Pierre Lottin


National Reconciliation Awards anti-FN and it’s good

The cow, Mohamed Hamidi (C) . The story of an Algerian peasant party of her walking with her cow Jacqueline bled to join the Agricultural Show in Paris. The film advance at the same pace as Jacqueline, but he has a heart as big as this and tries, in a proactive and sincere enthusiasm, to love everyone: Algerian peasant, noblion ruined, trade unionist, Karaoke enthusiasts. Output:. February 17

buddies Film Award that goes into a spin

Pattaya Franck Gastambide (C) . Two friends fall guy of their city to the world championship of Thai boxing dwarves and embark on Pattaya, Thailand. Kaira tone-scat-unshaven works -Gastambide has a pretty face and a beautiful plume- but parasitized by a banal plot (combat) beating down the last part. This is djeun, unfortunately. Output:. February 24

without bass drum musical divorce Film Award

all to be happy, Cyril Gelblat (C) . Yet Manu Payet plays a former drummer who became a producer divorce, reconciles with her sister, trying to take care of her daughters and to rekindle her dreams. That’s a lot but the film is not doing too much. Illustrative but slightly writing. Output:. April 20

Film Prize who does not choose his first name

Josephine rounds, Marilou Berry (C) . She is pregnant and it’s a hassle. Another air film time, thirties, dialogues beaten stiff whose energy is contagious and annoying hysteria. Marilou Berry is well, the character of the sister is useless, friends move away, subplots are disappointing, it’s (sometimes) funny is (often) loud. Output:. February 10

Film Award that could have

Still happy, Benoît Graffin (C) . The story of an atypical family without a round. Kiberlain and Edouard Baer fit, cheerful amorality shifted intrigue … But Graffin is too writer and not enough director. Would have had the pace to energize this comedy that could. Shame because there was. Output January 27.

Multi-bedrooms Film Award

Adopt a widower, François Desagnat (C) . André Dussolier widower and hosts three (more) young roommates: a talkative student, a dedicated nurse, not ripe avocado. Good idea: the film plays the card without chronic invent an improbable plot. This is dialogued, is cheerful, young (Bérangère Krief, Julia Piaton, Arnaud Ducruet) mix with the old (Dussolier, Nicolas Marié), France is a nice country and hop. Released April 20.

movie Award Rasta R ockett Ken trend Loach

Good Luck Algeria, Farid Bentoumi (HC) . The fictionalized true story and a French-Algerian who tries to qualify for the Winter Olympics skiing version of melts under the Algerian flag. Nice mix of genres between individual adventure and cultural husking record of double nationality. No forfeiture in perspective. But a nice film. Output March 30

Sami Bouajila at bottom

Sami Bouajila, thoroughly


Price balcony crumbling

Dieumerci! Lucien Jean-Baptiste (HC) . Two actors apprentices belong together and repeat Romeo and Juliet. At 44, Dieumerci wants to go through with his dream, at age 22, Clement does not know what is his. All the springs of buddy movie are there (two characters are total opposites advance together) but not much will work. Blame it on a soft knee that scenario can not reinvent the genre. Released March 9.

multi-room buddies Film Award

Five, Igor Gotesman (HC) . Five childhood friends move in colocation, but you pay the rent. Ben though. Friendship, resourcefulness, the silliness, ass, valves. Film pre-thirty generation that should have avoided this story deal of grass that puts the film alongside its pumps in the last third. It’s a shame, because the group works and has fun: mention to Pierre Niney (this guy has an incredible talent) and François Civil (such horrors said as if reading a love letter: hat). Released March 30.

Film not Capital price at all

Marseille Kad Merad (HC) . Released March 16, 2016.

As for the official prize:

Grand Prix and Audience Award The Cow, Mohamed Hamidi

Special Jury Prize Adopt a widower, François Desagnat

Price Michel Galabru Best Actor Fatsah Bouyamed in The Cow (there is very good but you can find out why there are no prizes for the girls …?)

Price Short Film tie The fun Thunderbolt, Guy Lecluyse and excellent An interview Julien Patry.


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