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Fifteen episodes of “X-Files” to see before watching the new season –

Six new episodes of the hit series 1990 are broadcast in early 2016. If you do not have time to review the previous seasons, here is a selection of must-episodes.

202 episodes of 42 minutes: those who want to catch up and look all X-Files before tackling the 10 season, aired by Fox from January 24, will need time. If you do not have whole days before you, we offer a list of episodes to see first-and perhaps will you have time to go further if you wait until the release date on French television, it has still not been clarified by M6.

X-Files: the borders of the real tells the investigations of two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, assigned to the Non-sized business, “X- Files “. They are responsible to return to the strange and paranormal cases. Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) implies it especially because it is convinced he saw his sister being abducted by aliens when he was twelve. So involved that the FBI did the work with Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), a forensic pathologist to rationality virtually flawless, which must initially prove affabule.

Each season, a majority of episodes offers a curly plot in 42 minutes ( monsters of the week) , while a handful advances the plot that holds the entire series: the US government tries there to hide the existence of life outside of Earth and next invasion? A narrative arc that Le Monde summarizes very well in this five-minute video:

 To start the season 10 (which can already read criticism), here is a selection of fifteen episodes essentially -for, but not only, the monsters of the week – we advise you to watch (M6 will offer a special night of the best episodes remastered.):

1 “We are not alone” Season 1, Episode 1

You have to start somewhere and understand how it all begins. For their first deal, Mulder and Scully, forced and forced to work together, investigating in Oregon on the mysterious case of four teenagers died. Mulder did exhume the body of one of the victims, but the deformed corpse that lies within is not human as Scully’s autopsy, which found a metal implant in his nasal cavity. It is in this episode that we see for the first time “the man with the cigarette”, which ranks the metal implant given by Scully with others in a room in the Pentagon basement, suggesting that US authorities are hiding something.

2. “Cuts” Season 1, Episode 3

Perhaps the most terrifying of all the monsters of the week. Eugene Tooms, a man seemingly harmless (if is strangely yellowish eyes), it actually turns out to be a serial killer who dismembered his victims in order to extract the liver and be nourished at the rate of five victims every thirty years before hibernating. After watching this episode, you will never look at a ventilation duct of the same eye.

3. ” The Message “
Season 1, Episode 13

This episode reverse roles and Mulder made the skeptical Scully was persuaded soon after Seeing met a condemned man claims to be able to contact his deceased father (played by a military Don S. Davis who, coincidentally, was already playing the role of Major Briggs in Twin Peaks ). It is also the first time that Mulder will call Agent Scully “Dana”, a first sign of tenderness suggesting a possible relationship between the two.

4. “When night” Season 1, Episode 20

X-Files the wicked are sometimes tiny: a virus, for example, or as here insects. In this episode that takes place entirely within a State Forest Washington, West Coast, Mulder and Scully investigate the mysterious disappearance of loggers that ends up hanging from trees, embalmed in a shroud woven by bugs. The episode has even earned the series an award during the evening of the Environmental Media Awards.

5. “Duane Barry” & amp; “Ascension” Season 2, Episode 5 & amp; 6

When there was no Netflix and watching the binge did not exist, double episodes aired the same evening allowed the writers to develop an aspect of ‘plot. Here, Mulder and Scully encounter Duane Barry, a former FBI agent in a psychiatric hospital who claims to be under the influence of aliens. He takes his psychiatrist and Fox Mulder hostage, before removing Scully when she contacts Mulder to provide information on it. Beyond the development of the narrative arc of -the FBI can plot set to hide the extraterrestre- invasion, this double episode allows Gillian Anderson to slip away briefly to go to give birth.

6. “Weddings by proxy” Season 3, Episode 4

Many fans say this is the best episode of the series. The survey covers a series of murders lights: Peter Boyle (since dead), the actor who plays the central character, Clyde Bruckman, won an Emmy for his performance indicator that can say how people will die. His most disturbing prediction regarding the agent Scully, whom he said it “will end in bed” with him. The episode also earned an Emmy in writer Darin Morgan.

7. “The Lord of the magma” Season 3, Episode 20

This episode is an episode meta: a deconstruction of the series in the series. A writer, Jose Chung, trying to learn more about abductions by aliens for a book he wrote and therefore studying one of the investigations Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Again written by Darin Morgan, “The Lord of the magma” is also considered one of the funniest episodes, including its reference to the movie Men in Black .

8. “The Pack” Season 4, Episode 2

Flies by count of blood scissors, the head of a decapitated pig, a dead baby: this episode of X-Files brings its share of monsters with a reclusive family in Pennsylvania , the Peacock. So horrible that prevented Fox reruns of the episode. Today, “The Pack” is considered a classic, especially for defects frightening Peacock three brothers and his reference to the life of Charlie Chaplin.

9. “The tail of the devil” Season 4, Episode 20

Mulder and Scully investigating the birth of babies arrive on this earth with a tail in the back, and with one of the mothers says that the father is Luke Skywalker. Without context the funniest episode of the series, lightweight, particularly famous for its drag scene of a fake Mulder on the real Scully.

10. “postmodern Promothée” Season 5, Episode 5

A resident of Albion, Indiana uses Mulder, she saw invited on the set of a TV show. She claims to have been pregnant there are eighteen by an unknown presence while she was unconscious, and thus have given birth to her son Izzy. By following this woman, Mulder and Scully are met Dr. Pollidori, a geneticist. Mulder suspect he extended his experiments to the human being, as a modern Victor Frankenstein. The episode is a clear homage to the novel Frankenstein published by the Englishwoman Mary Shelley Shelley- -future wife of poet in 1818, whose full title is actually Frankenstein .

11. “The sheriff has long teeth” Season 5, Episode 12

In this episode, Mulder and Scully compare their two versions of an investigation following which Mulder killed a young man he thought being a vampire. “The sheriff has long teeth” explores, with humor, the relationship between Mulder and Scully and how they would like their partner the way. Noted that it is the favorite episode of Gillian Anderson, also because this is surely one of the funniest. The writer Vince Gilligan had the idea in reviewing an episode of the cult sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show, where heroes told two very different versions of the same argument.

12. “Tracking” Season 6, Episode 2

Vince Gilligan and the actor Bryan Cranston met by turning this episode of X-Files . They will find themselves years later on Breaking Bad . Only when Gilligan showed the provision of Cranston in this episode that the chain AMC and producers have agreed to give her the role of the dealer chemistry professor drugs that will completely make him famous.

13. “Triangle” Season 6, Episode 3

One of the events that cost the most expensive, and for good reason: it is turned on the ship Queen Mary . Mulder goes to the Bermuda Triangle when he learns that the Queen Anne, a luxurious English ship disappeared in the 40s, reappeared off the Sargasso Sea. On the spot, his ship sinks and marine repêchent his lifeless body. After regaining his senses and strength, Mulder discovers he has traveled back in time to find themselves at the dawn of World War II. A rich episode film references, the film La Corde Alfred Hitcock to 1941 Steven Spielberg.

14. “Blue Fear” Season 7, Episode 12

When two series meet, the result is not always successful. For this episode of X-Files where the characters go on the set of Cops , a reality following the police, it works rather well. First, because it changes the way is filmed X-Files (see the lowest generic video) because everything looks like the aesthetics of reality TV and passages are filmed camera shoulder. The case concerns an attacker who changes appearance and has already claimed a victim in the last full moon, and Scully shows himself annoyed by the constant presence of the TV crew. Vince Gilligan had this idea of ​​treatment since season 4 but failed to convince producers before the season 7.

Season 8 and Season 9 are much less remarkable than the previous, d especially as David Duchovny does not play in most episodes. The two films based on the series – The X-Files, film (1998) and X Files Regeneration (2008) – are not essential either <. /> p>


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