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Death Anniversary of Balavoine “Daniel did not care about fame” – L’Express

She speaks of him in the present, as if he was still there. Claire Balavoine is the elder sister of Daniel Balavoine, disappeared January 14, 1986 in a helicopter crash in Mali. She is also the one that best knew the singer, “his longtime partner,” as she likes to call it. At his death, Claire Balavoine decides, with other relatives of the artist to create the Association Daniel Balavoine for continued humanitarian commitment of his brother in Mali.

L’Express, the training of nurse agreed to get back into his memories remained intact. Music, money, fame … Claire Balavoine addresses all subjects, frankly.

30 years after the death of your brother, what state of mind are you?

I am used to say I am painfully happy. This is a particularly strong point this year. There is a lot of movement around that date, it automatically moves things, we will relive that day we learned that he’s gone. Parallel to this, when I see how all he could say is rooted in guts and young people of today, I’m happy. This only confirms that Daniel was above all a man who had his pain, his values, his strength that he has put in music and poetry of the most beautiful way.

For me it is always there. I speak also not about the loss, but rather absence. He’s my friend, we were also temperamental one than the other.

Exactly, what relationship did you have with him?

Daniel, we were accomplices, we did not need to talk to us understand. We shared the same suffering: we both had trouble finding our place in the siblings. We talked a lot. Besides, I remember like it was yesterday our last phone conversation. Daniel was at the Paris-Dakar and he said: ‘Do not worry, when I return, I’ll tell you everything.’

Photo of the January 8, 1986 the singer Daniel Balavoine posing in front the truck with which he was participating in a & quot; core & quot rally, distributing water pumps on the course of Paris-Dakar

Photo of January 8, 1986 the singer Daniel Balavoine posing in front of the truck with which he participated in a” heart of the rally “distributing water pumps on the route of the Paris-Dakar. FAGET, DANIEL JANIN

How did you learned of his death?

It’s mom who told me the news over the phone, it was 9:50. I immediately put the radio Europe 1 I think. A few minutes later, all journalists were in tears I can still see me to sit on the couch and tell me. ‘Now he must live, that’s all that’s left to do

L. absence of Daniel is an eternal grief, but continue to live is the best tribute we can pay him.

In recent days, the tributes to your brother multiply, television , radio … How do you live?

Daniel chose public life. The scene was his second family. It’s normal that people want to honor him. We [his family, Ed] have simply requested that one of his titles, From mine before , is not included. Brothers, sisters, children … It’s the one thing we wanted.

What do you think of the album covers of songs by Daniel Balavoine released January 8?

I had the unpleasant surprise of learn that the artists who participated in this album received a stamp! Regarding benefits, it is expected that a euro per album sold is donated to the Daniel Balavoine Association. I agree with her two children [Jeremiah and Joana, Ed], it would have been decent as all profits are donated to the association.

His songs are, for many, still topical. What this translates to you?

The Work of a hyper lucid man. Daniel had understood very quickly that it was not by engaging in politics he was going to change things. It was what I used to call a hopeless optimist or a desperate optimist. For him, if everyone does not question, you never get anywhere.

Daniel did not care about fame, he did not like not signing autographs … It is never considered a star, but above all as a man who had the strength dare say and do. Daniel has always lived and say ‘okay, it’s not going but why it will not?’.

What does he leave now?

His dignity. Daniel kept repeating the same message: ‘If you want to do things, do them today. If you miss, you go again ‘. Finally, that’s life.


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