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Solarwind Laurent Grasso, sunset on the ring – Le Figaro

WE WERE Y – The French artist Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2008, created a monumental light installation on “Silo 13″, on the border of Paris and Ivry. A perennial work a million motorists will cross each day. Meeting in situ with a concentration of brains.

No, this is not a mirage, it is Paris which blazes. Parisians rushing down the device between the door and the platform of Vitry d’Ivry will, from Monday night to light as a glowing fire the two cylindrical silos that are in the axis of the Avenue de France (XIII “).

Solarwind is a monumental and lasting work of the French artist Laurent Grasso, Marcel Duchamp Prize 2008, already at work with a sensory metamorphosis, The Horn Perspective , and its cosmic sound sculpture exhibited in summer 2009 at Espace 315 at the Centre Pompidou.

41 bo & # xed; third of 20 LED tubes (5 red, 5 green, 10 blue) each, r & # xe9; sistants to intemp & # xe9; ries, & # xe9; clairent silos to a height of 30 m.

41 boxes of 20 LED tubes (5 red, 5 green, 10 blue) each, weather resistant, light silos to a height of 30 m Photo credits:.

Top 40 meters, each concrete silo of Ciments Calcia measuring 20 meters in diameter (multiply by Pi for the perimeter!).

The work Laurent Grasso miraculously deploys it to a height of 30 m or above device that sees passing over a million motorists a day.

This is, obviously, one of the most important works in public procurement across the Grand Paris. The first permanent work of Laurent Grasso in public space.

Between dusk

The next construction of a pedestrian walkway between the thirteenth arrondissement of Paris and Ivry-sur-Seine will increase the number of spectators.

On Thursday evening, at dusk, just before dusk, the artist had invested 34 floors Bruneseau Street (XIII) which gives a panoramic view of the new cityscape claimed by the new district Paris Rive Gauche and development project of 130 hectares in the thirteenth arrondissement.

At the initiative of the municipality of Paris, SEMAPA (Society for the Study of Project management and Parisienne improvement, chaired by Jérôme Coumet Mayor thirteenth) and Ciments Calcia the French artist Laurent Grasso was chosen to work on the architecture designed by Franck Vialet. Trained at the University of Sydney, and the Ecole d’Architecture de Versailles, Jakob + MacFarlane close and Jean Nouvel, he is the co-founder of VIB Architecture in 2002 with Bettina Ballus.

The efficiency LED sources have a xe9 & #; light between 5 and 8 times higher & # xe9; higher other sources xe9 & #; lighting.

The LED sources have a luminous efficiency between 5 and 8 times higher than other lighting sources Copyright:

How the “space meteorology” she has a place today in the urban space? “I always have ideas in my drawers,” we simply responds Laurent Grasso, an artist born in 1972 in Mulhouse, who lives and works in Paris and New York.

Four years of work and experimentation

“There was a call for applications to transform these two concrete silos and concrete, and I said,” said -he. “I have proposed to create a barometer of space weather, using forms and lights that I set for information on solar activity in real time. So I brought my project Solarwind it was received. Then, we worked four years to complete it. It is a “process” very complicated because it had to invent everything, including LED panels that can diffuse the light on silos and whose optical were specially molded for my project. Getting to have this light intensity on such a surface and such a height is a technical exploit. Goal? One can see the project as far as possible. ”

Behind this changing tide 16 million different colors, Jacques Sabater, a former professor at the Optics Institute, hyper-duynamique prototype red jacket sailor, and three of his students “stocky” . They created together in 2011 Magnalucis, SMEs in the Paris region specializing in architectural and museum lighting LED.

“The expertise of this company is to own the tools of computing and optical and photometric modeling for perfect optimization for any lighting device. This leads to the realization of innovative lighting products covered by several patents, “explains teacher without pause that fierce defending” the foundations of Education “and militates against the race to the bottom.

& # Xab; The power & # xe9; solar eruptions confronts us & # xE0; our lack of ma & # xed;'s degree This is a topic & # xE0;. both po & # xe9; tic and philosophical which g & # xe9; n & # XE8 ; re & # an infinite imaginary Xbb ;, says the artist Laurent Grasso xE0 & #;. about his long-term project, Solarwind

“The power of solar flares confronts us with our lack of control. This is a subject at once poetic and philosophical that generates an infinite imagination, “says the artist Laurent Grasso about his long-term project, Solarwind . Photo Credits:

“I wanted the we have a fluctuating sensation passing Solarwind , not the feeling of a linear single still image, “says Grasso. “The first reading level is to understand that there is a light animation, then it is possibly connected to something else. I connected my subjective interpretations to CNES science. Solarwind then turns into light activity scientific data on solar activity. ”

“In 1989, a solar storm caused a blackout in 6 million Canadian households for 9:00,” calmly explains Gérard Azoulay, mastermind of the Space Observatory CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales). Fluid and relaxed speech for this great brain who “loves accompany the artists ideas” of all his knowledge, broad and wide open to the most diverse interpretations and even the most outlandish.

Northern Lights

“Initially, Laurent Grasso was interested rather in the northern lights, we talked a lot to come up to the sun.” Artists, said the Savant Cosinus, bring anything other than the exact sciences and it is “neither useful nor necessary” their creations solve mathematical problems. Thus, the researcher does not try to read the activity of the sun watching Solarwind , it is not a mirror, but he “loves this plastic connection between the Earth and its star.” “Even if the writers are scientific errors, mistakes are beautiful because they speak of man, of his imagination, of his time.”

Solarwind is a mod & # xe9; lisation light conditions xe9 m & #; t & # xe9; orologiques solar winds, project & # xe9 e on the wall b & # xe9; your two silos xE0 & #; b & # xe9; tone suddenly beautiful.

Solarwind is a bright modeling weather solar wind, projected on the wall concrete two concrete silos suddenly magnificent Photo credits:.

“The black out, disaster, rumors are topics that interest me a long time and I’ve often explored in my work,” says Grasso, quite proud of resisting four years of non-stop experiments and lead to a monumental and also hypnotic installation.

“This is a very strong signal in the city that allows us to understand that something is happening. More color is intense, saturated and dense, more solar activity is high, “he said fervently. “This is a very contemporary aspect of our world and its concerns. Many people will think and work on this area. I like to find ways and situations that allow us to think otherwise our state in the world. Today, a plan forecast solar storms has just been published by the White House. Gérard Azoulay told me about the concept of space weather. This notion illuminates our state of being human on Earth expands our consciousness. I thought it was a poetic concept, beautiful, science anyway, with such dangerous impact, threatening. In my work, I always associated the idea of ​​beauty to that concern. ”

very recurrent theme in contemporary art, a discipline that delves into the dreams and anxieties of generations. “A terrible beauty is born” and was the title of the Biennale de Lyon 2011 the Argentine commisaire, Victoria Noorthoorn. Black Sun , the latest film by Laurent Grasso, already filming with drones, the eruptions of Stromboli.

custom optical The con & # XE7; ues sp & # xe9; cially for Solarwind used to redirect more than 95% of light & # XE8; re right on the silo, unlike existing devices o & # XF9; much of the light & # XE8; re is lost in the sky

custom optical The designed specifically for Solarwind used to redirect more than 95% light directly on the silo, unlike existing devices where much of the light is lost in the sky Photo credit:.

A computer / control station connected to the Internet retrieves data from the Space Observatory CNES, processes and transforms them into bright animations using a custom-designed program. The twenty ramps that surround the two elevators at their feet, contain 41 boxes weather resistant aluminum sheet that shed light on 30m high.

Environmentally Responsible

The work is sharp, but also environmentally responsible: LEDs have a lifespan estimated at 35,000 hours, 15 times longer than any conventional light bulb . “A guaranteed minimum of ten years, probably more,” says Jacques Sabater we, as proud of his custom optics as its young researchers troops.

Solarwind is a number of tests per week, an alliance of artists, architects, scientists and engineers. In the end, it seems equally natural that a sunset.

Laurent Grasso is also the laur & # xe9; at the Prix Marcel Duchamp 2008.

Laurent Grasso is also the winner of the Marcel Duchamp Prize 2008 Copyright:

Read: Sun Double Laurent Grasso, Perrotin Gallery Dilecta-Editions (€ 39)

see at Galerie Perrotin, 76 Rue de Varenne, Paris (third).


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