Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Renaud: “Still alive, do not worry”, claims the singer in her new song – Le Point

Renaud sings his newfound health, happiness to sing again and castigates the “paparazzi ambush” in a song-manifesto called “Still standing” unveiled Tuesday a foretaste album announced for “early April”.

“Still alive, rest assured / Always banana, still standing, “proclaims Renaud in a hoarse but energetic voice, a pop-rock steady rhythm in this piece of 3 minutes 40 seconds circulated Tuesday morning.

“I’m spruced up, back on foot / Right on my stumps, resurrected,” sings the star of 63 years which is given to writing last year after more than seven years depressed and white page.

Do not really making use this time of humor and self-mockery that are his trademark, Renaud sign text very “first degree” or front to meet the “holes ass “or” bastards “who wanted to” bury “too fast. In his sights include: “bounty hunters” and “paparazzi ambush” accused of peddling “rumors about (his) health.”

“He who has never stumbled, cast the first beer,” Renaud said to them, which is softer in the end piece to say “thank you” to his fans “faithful”: ” I missed you too. “

Renaud, who is now nicknamed the” Phoenix “, said on France Inter that his new album will be released” early April “. This disc, the first with original songs from “Red Blood” in 2006, will contain “13 new songs, plus a hidden track that is a bit special, because it is a slam,” said the author “Mistral win”, which will also embark on a marathon tour that is expected to continue until spring 2017.

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