Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oscars 2016: the complete stock of controversies – Le Figaro

Despite the announcement of the Academy organizational change, calls for boycott continues. Charlotte Rampling has also had to backtrack after his comments on the “anti-white racism”. Not to mention the awkward statements deemed by Julie Delpy.

Certainly, this 88th edition of the Oscars in 2016 seems to crystallize all polemics. Since the announcement of the appointed, a call to boycott the ceremony on February 28 criticizing the lack of diversity is an important echo among actors and African-American actresses. In response, Charlotte Rampling discussed the “anti-white racism” without realizing she threw oil on the fire. Before making a mea culpa shy. Julie Delpy meanwhile took the opportunity to attack machismo and Hollywood Ian McKellen, homophobia in the film industry.

A call to boycott widely reported

Using the word-pound #Oscarssowhite, thousands of people have spoken on Twitter to tell their regret at the lack of diversity in the selection of appointed. This mobilization was legitimized by a boycott of the ceremony launched by Jada Pinkett-Smith.

The movement has since been followed by numerous personalities such as Michael Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Will Smith and Snoop Dogg . Even Spike Lee who nevertheless receive that night an honorary Oscar announced he would not be part of and advocated the introduction of quotas in nominating actors.

Finally, Chris Rock, emcee, has already announced that his introductory speech would at length on this controversy.

The French actors Omar Sy and Zem were also told their US partners solidarity .

From the “anti-white racism” for Charlotte Rampling

Named the Best Actress category for the film 45 Charlotte Rampling made a controversial statement putting de facto offside in the competition for the statuette.

British actress, this boycott is none other than the “anti-racism White”. “Maybe black actors do not deserve to be in the final straight line,” she estimated 22 January micro Europe 1 .

Given the virulence of the responses received, Charlotte Rampling was forced to retract his remarks on CBS. “I regret that my comments were misinterpreted. I just wanted to say that in an ideal world, each performance should have the same opportunity for recognition. I am honored to be part of the great group of actors and actresses nominated for Oscars this year, “she is justified.

” Women can not speak. Sometimes I prefer to be African-American “

Equally awkward, Julie Delpy has also drawn the ire of many actors and American filmmakers. The 46-year-old director said on the sidelines of the Sundance festival: “It’s funny, women can not talk. Sometimes I prefer to be African-American, because people do not dare to attack you when you say something that is true. We live in a racist world. “

And as Charlotte Rampling, Julie Delpy has also had to backtrack. “I’m sorry for the way I expressed. It was never intended to minimize the injustice done to African-American artists or others who fight for equal opportunities and rights, on the contrary. I never intended to underestimate the struggle of someone else! “, She qualified.

The fight against homophobia Hollywood

The actor Ian MacKellen also responded to the peculiar context surrounding this edition 2016 and recalled his fight for the rights of homosexuals.

“That black actors feel underrepresented in cinema is what women have long felt is that homosexuals are still feeling like myself, “said the interpreter of Gandalf Lord of the Rings . “The Oscars are now at the center of these claims are legitimate and which I am involved,” added the man of 76 years.


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