Monday, January 25, 2016

Doctor Who showrunner will change – Screenrush

At the controls of the series since 2010, showrunner Steven Moffat will leave his post of “Doctor Who” at the end of the season 10. It will be replaced by Chris Chibnall, to whom we owe “Broadchurch”.

There are not that interpreters hero succeeding in Doctor Who. The showrunners also. As indicated some noise corridor since the beginning of the year, Steven Moffat will indeed abandon the controls of the series, which he held since 2010 and the first steps in the TARDIS Matt Smith.

Steven Moffat & amp; Matt Smith on the set of Season 7

Writer several episodes (including the terrifying “The Empty Child” and “Blink” ), Steven Moffat took over from Russell T. Davies, instigator of the return of the cult series on screens in 2005, and this is Chris Chibnall who will be on. Showrunner Broadchurch, the third and final season must turn in May, it is no stranger to the world of Doctor Who, which he wrote six episodes between 2007 and 2015. And it was not him take long to be knighted by Mark Gatiss, Moffat partner Sherlock.

(“Farewell to Grand Moff but huge congratulations to Chris Chibnall for his elevation to the Lord President. The series is between very good hands. “)

The change is not however for now, since the mandate of Chris Chibnall begin in 2018, with the season 11. On this occasion, it would not be surprising to see the Doctor changing face, especially Peter Capaldi recently hinted he may soon step down. Meanwhile, the actor will be back aboard the TARDIS time of Christmas Special 2016 before a season that could take 10 paces double handover in 2017.

Chris Chibnall was also co-wrote the episode 1 of season 9:

Doctor Who (2005) Teaser


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