Saturday, January 23, 2016

PHOTOS – Celine Dion and Quebec say goodbye to Rene Angelil – MetroNews

It is 15:00 in Old Montreal, the state funeral of René Angélil were launched. Televised, the ceremony attracted many onlookers and fans who wanted to pay their last respects to the companion of Celine Dion. The star arrived in the basilica of Notre Dame, a few minutes before the start of the ceremony, surrounded by her three son, mother and sister. The closed face, drawn, she looked more fragile than ever.

Many personalities also wanted to send a last farewell to the manager and businessman. Luc Plamondon made the trip. Before entering the sacred place, he told an anecdote to Canadian television. “The last time I saw Rene was a landmark moment it was in Paris, we had dinner together with Garou, who was the same restaurant. It was a week before he learns the recurrence of his cancer. He brought me up on the stage where Céline sang that night in front of 20,000 people. We got a standing ovation. “

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Four songs of Celine Dion during the ceremony

Prime Minister of Québec, Philippe Couillard, was also present to pay tribute to René Angélil.. “It is himself that wants to honor today That’s what made him C ‘ was a great philanthropist. He was very close to the heart of Quebecers. ”

Meanwhile, Celine Dion refused to sing live during the funeral of her husband, but she still required to respect his last wishes. During his lifetime, Rene Angelil had prepared in every detail the ceremony and had particularly requested that played the title “Twenty past three,” written by Eddy Marnay and Patrick Lemaitre. Were also released “All The Way”, the virtual duet Celine Dion and Frank Sinatra, Love still exists, written by Luc Plamondon and the classic “So you still love me” signed Jean-Jacques Goldman.

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