Thursday, January 28, 2016

The comics festival in Angoulême but its authors fear the future – L’Express

The sector is fragile comic “, recognized the Minister of Culture, Fleur Pellerin inaugurating the event.

If the database remains a windfall for publishers to this sector in 2015, album sales and sales rising, most authors have lower pay to minimum wage.

According to a study of the States General of comics, conducted at the FIBD, 53% of authors surveyed a gross annual income below the minimum wage and 36% of them are below the poverty line.

If one takes into account that women, 67% have an income below the gross annual minimum wage and 50% are below the poverty line.

And the future is not rosy. 66% of surveyed authors believe that their situation will worsen in the coming years.

The social protection of comic authors to match. A large majority of perpetrators have never granted sick leave or maternity leave.

The study of the States General of comics based on responses from 1,500 authors Francophone comics.

– ‘No money but free’ –

Many BD writers are struggling to live off their talent ,” said Fleur Pellerin. “ For me, the Minister of Culture, it is absolutely essential that our artists and creators can live and live properly their talent “, she has said.

The Minister promised to make proposals, particularly in terms of retirement plan at the upcoming Book Fair in Paris in March.

Meanwhile, nearly three quarters of comic authors (71%) admit to having a parallel job to that of cartoonist, usually in another arts or education.

Yet there has never been as many albums in bookstores. In 2015, over 5,000 comic books were published (nearly 4,000 new stringent).

There are 20 years between 500 and 600 albums were only published every year ” notes Franck Bondoux, general delegate of the festival.

In BD, there was not much money, but it is free “, tempers Balak, the screenwriter of “ Lastman ” , a saga in 2015 in Angoulême rewarded by the Price of the series.

When asked by high school students, Bastien Vives, designer include “ Polina “, defends his profession with passion. “ I can do what I want “, if he enthusiasm.

If I want to take a vacation, right now, I take ,” he said before however, to recognize that the business also has some “ Disadvantages “.

Living of comics, this is not obvious. If it works, good for you, but if it does not work, know that if you like the design and have the passion there are other occupations that of cartoonist “, he explains to some students suddenly cooled.


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