Tuesday, January 26, 2016

“Renaud’s like the phoenix: it rises from the ashes” – Le Figaro

YOUR OPINION – New title, new start? The Internet’s Le Figaro are not unanimous face Still standing , the last title of the singer.

Alcohol and cigarette smoking – that’s behind it? Monday night, Renaud has posted the song on YouTube Still standing which marks his comeback, after more than six years of absence. His new album will be released in April, to the delight of his fans. Users of the Le Figaro expressed their joy … but also doubts against the comeback of the singer-songwriter.

Catherine A., enthusiastic, “never doubted [its] back on stage and look forward to attending [the] concert … “. She sees “a lot of sincerity and truth in the songs.” S. Lucia, she is a fan of the french singer “from that [it was] 14 years,” and added that “this title is fine: it prevents just that he’s back and he will shake again all these people. “Others, like Angel K., believe that the” one found Renaud, still going strong. It is powerful in his words, frank, human and so close to us, with his big heart, this enormous consciousness. ” For the visitor, it is a triumph, “Bravo Renaud, she chanted, you we had missed so much! And a big thank you for this beautiful song “This success, think Melanie C., surely lies in its peculiar writing:” There is always the same cynicism in some of his songs “


If “yes, his life ‘parentheses’ has left scars on the voice”, as explained Marie-Christine D. This new piece “is the spitting image of Renaud that recognizes the although in the provocation! “The same remarks back when it comes to evoke his voice” slightly damaged “, in the words of D. Fabienne but she insists that” Renaud Renaud rest! An atypical character in the manner of singing and writing that is inimitable. “Finally, she thanked him” for [his] back. ” Christelle G., meanwhile, admits that “there is breath” but “crossing the desert after he made [it] finds that this is normal.” Indeed, she continues, “as all of us, but it ages Renaud’s like the phoenix: it rises from the ashes “

Françoise T., she is disappointed, and this return is” dismal and especially sad. “. It also develops admitting that “of course there is the need for money for some. Aznavour, he does not do it for that reason. “Mr. Nicolas will even evoke a” monotone, not able to do more than 3 syllables without falter. “For the latter, even the text” which Renaud has nothing of ‘anarchist’ we liked can not escape the critics. ” A text that is “bland, mild satisfaction, consumer … just the opposite of what makes a great Renaud” adding that “his pen was a little too soft.” But his most virulent criticism can rest -be as follows: “Objectively, if I found Renaud today, I would say it is worse than Master Gims.”


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