Thursday, January 28, 2016

BD: the Angoulême Festival wants to forget the accusations of sexism –

Angoulême (AFP) – The 43rd Angoulême International Comics Festival (FIBD) opens Thursday until Sunday and would like to forget the sexism suspicions which he was charged after forgetting to select women for the Grand Prize in 2016.

A woman, the French illustrator, Claire Wendling, 48, author of “Enlightenment of Amalou” finally ended up among the three finalists for the Grand Prix but it is a man – the universally recognized talent – the Belgian cartoonist Hermann who received Wednesday evening the Grand Prix de la ville d’Angoulême, one of the most prestigious awards handed comics in the world

Considered as one of the greatest designers of the realistic French-Belgian comic strip, Hermann, 77, was able to address a multitude of genres, from westerns (“Comanche”) in anticipation narrative ( “Jeremiah”), through the medieval saga (“The Towers of Bois-Maury”), the great adventure (“Bernard Prince”), fantasy (“Abominable”) and thriller (“A moonlit night” ).

His last album, “Old Pa Anderson” magnificent work on racial segregation in the southern United States in the early 50s, released last week published by Le Lombard was made with his son, Yves H., who wrote the screenplay. Father and son have become accustomed to collaborate and have signed numerous works for four hands.

Hermann succeeds Japanese manga cartoonist, Katsuhiro Otomo, 61, winner of the Grand Prize FIBD last year and guest of honor of the Festival this year.

Asked Monday in Paris on charges of sexism in the world of comics, the “mangaka” explained essentially that art has no sex.

“In the world of comics or manga, only talent counts. It takes work. The gender difference does not matter. Only the works are interesting” said the author of Akira manga sold over a million copies in France

-. Tribute to Lucky Luke –

Thursday is a eternal young man of 70 who will star. Lucky Luke, the cowboy who “shoots faster than his shadow” is the focus of an exhibition that will last well beyond the Festival, until September 18, 2016.

Through Lucky Luke it is its creator, the Belgian Morris, disappeared in 2001, which will finally be honored.

A rarity in the universe of comics, Morris (Maurice de Bevere to civil status) is man of a single work. He designed no fewer than 70 albums of the adventures of the famous cowboy, helped for the scenario in 35 albums by the brilliant writer René Goscinny (also author of “Asterix” and “Petit Nicolas”).

Translated into 29 languages, Albums Lucky Luke have passed since its creation more than 300 million copies.

A new album Lucky Luke is expected by the end of . the year with Jun, the designer of “Silex and the City” and the screenplay for drawing Achdé

Two tribute albums were also announced: a Lucky Luke realistic Matthieu Bonhomme and Lucky Luke in humor by Bouzard crazy.

In addition to the exhibition devoted to Morris, the FIBD organizes many other events reflecting the abundant creativity of comics.

It was not until Saturday night to find the winners of the official competition including the upcoming “Golden Fawn” Best Album, the most coveted by authors and publishers of comics.

Forty titles are competing to win the precious reward which the second volume of “the Arab of the future” Riad Sattouf who won the title last year with the first volume of his series on his childhood in Libya and Syria.

The jury responsible for submitting the “Beast” is chaired this year by the former diplomat Antonin Baudry, screenwriter of “Quai d’Orsay” under the pseudonym Abel Lanzac.

Since its creation in 1973 and with an average attendance of 200,000 people each year, Angoulême is the first festival dedicated to comics in Europe.


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