Thursday, January 21, 2016

Edmonde Charles-Roux: “My heart will always beat for Marseille” – Le Figaro

VIDEOS – Prague, Paris, Rome … The novelist passed away on January 20 at the age of 95 years spent his life traveling the world. Yet his eyes are never turned away from Marseille who plans to honor him creating soon a statue of him.

Marseille cry unanimously “his heroine.” The woman of letters and journalist, Edmonde Charles-Roux, died Wednesday, January 20 in Marseille, at the age of 95 years. From his youth in the Resistance to his death, the life of the journalist and novelist, became certainly famous in Paris, will remain forever linked to Marseille.

When contacted by Le Figaro The town of Marseille, still reeling from the sad news, plans to pay tribute to this great woman of letters in the near future creating a statue of him.

“Child, one day, we m has said: You are French? I replied, “No, I am Marseillaise” confided Edmonde Charles-Roux in a television interview shortly after the award of the Prix Goncourt in 1966. Yet the novelist, comes from a family of wealthy ship owners Marseille, . has spent much of his childhood abroad and attended for many years the Parisian literary and cultural environment

“Marseille for her, it was essential, in the proper sense” she kept an apartment, close to the Old Port, near tells the poet Julien Blaine, Christian Poitevin for Vital. This attachment is tied for she joined the Resistance in the guise of her nursing according to the Red Cross hospital in Marseille. She participated in the uprising of the city, three days after the landing in Provence. The order was given by the head of the Marseille Resistance Defferre, whom she married in 1973.

“It was a woman of power,” recalls Christian Poitevin. “Political Fine, she advised and influence” Defferre who presided over the destiny of Marseille from 1953 to his death in 1986, said Socialist MP Patrick Mennucci. At the other end of the political spectrum, the current Senator-Mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin, half a century City Council behind him, salutes “a woman of conviction and courage.”

His role culminated in succession Defferre, notes anthropologist Michel Peraldi She will work through its media relations and Parisian policies in favor of the election for mayor of Robertson Paul Vigouroux, “to block the career” of its competitor, the lawyer Michel Pezet.

In Marseille, it will also have marked the cultural life in a city that sometimes pales in this regard. “It was she who opened Marseille culture,” says Christian Poitevin. Appointed Deputy of Culture of Robert Vigouroux, he remembers seeing the insistence of Edmonde Charles-Roux, “doubling” of its budget. “She Defferre sensitized to this issue and it is thanks to her that the theater the Auction has been possible,” says patrick mennucci.

It is also the origin of creation Marseille Roland Petit Ballets, which will work together, artists Keith Haring and David Hockney, or the Yves-Saint-Laurent fashion. This music lover will convince such a wealthy patron, patron of the know “Le Chat” to fund the Marseille Opera, remembers Christian Poitevin. “She brought all Paris to Marseille,” says Dominique Bluzet, director of theaters.

If the novelist “has always supported the cultural activity of the city, its intellectual life was more to Paris,” cautions Jean-Claude Gaudin. What pleased as this representative of “enlightened bourgeoisie” is “multiracial, multicultural and multiethnic richness of Marseille,” said Mr. Poitevin, “a mixture of madness from across the Mediterranean” that deceived wife letters.


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