Friday, April 1, 2016

The last building iconic Zaha Hadid in Miami – Le Figaro

PICTURES – In this city she loved and where she spent her last moments, the Anglo-Iraqi architect, designed a luxury building that is like no other. During construction, it is becoming “collector”.

The building is not yet finished, it must be in just two years in 2018. in Downtown Miami, north of the new US capital of art and design, Zaha Hadid felt at home. And she is personally very involved in One thousand museum, the project close to the cultural district of the city. She will see therefore, subsequent heart attack bronchitis abruptly stopped the trajectory of flamboyant architect who had received the 2004 Pritzker Prize, the equivalent of the Nobel in his discipline. But all his passion and his design will remain in that building that is like no other.

“Imagine that it has taken what is usually put inside of a building and that it is not clear to expose outside. The exoskeleton is visible and will be made of a new material, made of concrete and quartz that sparkle in the sun, “explains Florian Jouin Sotheby’s International Realty network has the exclusive marketing of the tower. This will be also the only residential tower architect in the Western world (another amounts to the other side of the world, Abu Dhabi).

Arabesques and an entrance reminiscent of shark teeth …

The lavish design of Zaha Hadid is admired even by those who had reservations about his creations. Curves, sensual lines that drive the aquatic center designed for the London Olympics, there is a little breath in this luxury residence with swimming pool completely transparent.

The developers of One thousand museum want make one of the most private residences and more secure city. With its dramatic entrance in the shape of shark teeth, it looks strange. But also very “exclusive” as the luxury real estate professionals.

On its 61 floors, it offers only 83 apartments. The smallest? It displays 450 square meters and occupies half a floor. For those looking for even more space, it is possible to offer an entire floor (920 square meters) or duplex of 750 square meters. Price: $ 5.8 million for the half floor and up to about 18 million for the larger units.

A gift to the city of Miami, close to the cultural center.

More than half of the program (60%) is already sold. Some French bought in the residence, along with Brazilians, Americans, Swiss and Americans. And shortly after the death of the architect, the phone rang a lot in the sales office. The building should become “collector”, especially as the architect also designed the interiors. “Most of our clients are collectors of art, they are sensitive to the architectural style of Zaha Hadid. And in this building, it has everything designed, selected, even the door handles, the lobby … She said that this building was his gift to the city of Miami, “says Florian Jouin. She even chose the scents that will mark certain areas (entrance, aquatic center, the spa) …


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