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“The Walking Dead,” “Game of Thrones”: Are there life after death (on TV)? – MetroNews

The television is a cruel world. One day you are revered by all, the next day you get eaten by a zombie horde or beheaded by your worst enemy. For the actors, it’s always a little death. And the opportunity to bounce back, or not, to the cinema or a new series. Or come back, a little later, improbably.

For better or for worse?

While the AMC American chain has broadcast episode 16 of season 6 of the Walking dead , marked by the death of a major character, MetroNews has examined the careers of these stars TV who were forced to say goodbye to viewers, often in atrocious circumstances …

Sean Bean, aka Ned Stark in Game of Throne s
If there is a good actor accustomed to see her characters die, it’s him. Snuffed no less than 25 times throughout his career, the disappearance of Sean Bean Game of Thrones was still a shock (and the word is weak) for fans of the series who speechless attended his execution by the horrible Joffrey in episode 9 of season 1. Since then, Sean Bean is much better and it connects the roles both on TV ( Legends, the Frankenstein Chronicles ) but especially in films ( Snow White, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, only on Mars, Jupiter: the fate of the universe )

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Patrick Dempsey, aka Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy
it was pretty heart of the series. One for which all viewers creaked. Heroes Grey’s Anatomy since the first season, nobody could have imagined for a moment that Patrick Dempsey could one day disappear. But Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the medical drama, took the skin of the actor she could not stand the diva behavior. After 11 seasons, Derek is carried away by a road accident during the 21st episode. If the fans are still mourning his death, they can console themselves with the third installment of Bridget Jones in which Patrick Dempsey takes a leading role.

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Jon Bernthal, aka Shane Walsh in The Walking Dead
It’s not just zombies that do damage in the Walking Dead. Take Shane’s best friend, Rick Grimes. He has held two seasons before being eliminated in episode 12 of season 2 by the sheriff of the fiction of a sudden dagger in the heart (Carl finish the job his father defeating Shane became a zombie). If Jon Bernthal redid a brief appearance in a scene where Rick hallucinates (in Season 3), he quickly found a job. After a detour to the cinema ( Infiltrator, The Wolf of Wall Street ) he just landed the role of the Punisher in the second season Daredevil , the series Netflix inspired the Marvel universe

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Sarah Wayne Callies, alias Sara Tancredi Prison Break and Lori Grimes the Walking Dead
In Prison Break , women are cursed. After the death of the character of Veronica Donovan (Robin Tunney), the writers were forced to make the skin Sara Tancredi, played by actress Sarah Wayne Calliee, forced to leave the show due to pregnancy. While leaving him an emergency door in case she would return. Declared dead in season 3, so we learned the following season that love with Michael Scofield has managed to escape his captors. Ironically, the actress then landed the role of Lori Grimes The Walking Dead where it is zigouiller during season 3 and ultra-violent way (after a complicated delivery, Lorie dies under the eyes of his son who shoots him in the head so that it does not turn into a zombie). Since Sarah Wayne found refuge in Colony , a science fiction series alongside Josh Holloway ( Lost ).

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka Denny Duquette in Grey’s Anatomy
we may be accustomed to seeing our favorite characters dropping like flies, some deaths still put us tear to the eye. Such as Denny Duquette, the great love of Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) Grey’s Anatomy who died tragically after his heart gave out. The actor also ghost still haunt the series in the third and fifth season. But fortunately for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, his disappearance did not mark the end of his career. After chained both cinema and television projects, he was chosen to embody Negan, nasty The Walking Dead , billed as the ultimate cruel character of the history of TV. The circle is complete.

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