Sunday, August 24, 2014

A second bomb exploded at sea – the Manche Libre

Saturday, August 23, the Group of clearance divers from the Navy conducted an emergency operation in the port of Cherbourg. They blew the German mine discovered on August 22 in the afternoon.

A British bomb was against-mined August 22 off Querqueville. Another demining operation is to take place, Saturday, Aug. 23. It concerns a German defensive mine discovered yesterday in the early evening at the entrance to the small harbor of Cherbourg by GEOMINES company was conducting a campaign of pyrotechnic research as part of the future expansion of the port of Cherbourg. An explosive device of a ton (800 kg TNT equivalent – method of measurement equivalent to the energy released during an explosion) manually triggered from the Second World War. This German bomb had to be neutralized Monday, August 25 at the same time as the second English but mine, “given its geographical location, a detachment of the Group of clearance divers (GPD) of the Channel had to intervene urgently to process neutralization of the craft “, officials say.

The operation began at 7:30 am Saturday, August 23 with the relocation of the mine by the GPD Channel. Once the relocation done, it was moved to a point pétardement lying 4 kilometers further off the coast where it was destroyed at 12:45.

This required the establishment of a bylaw prohibiting access to the beach Collignon (Tourlaville) and a prefectural order issued by the emergency maritime prefect of the English Channel and the North Sea prohibiting all swimming, diving and other water recreation within 3000 meters of the position of the ammunition and a ban on navigation within 700 meters revolving around the intervention vessel clearance divers.

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