Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dexter is about to rob banks – Gala

Michael C. Hall has captivated audiences for 8 seasons with the series Dexter . The actor will soon be back on the small screen in the lead role in an adaptation of a screenplay by Stanley Kubrick.

Since 2006, Michael C. Hall brilliantly embodied the character of Dexter Morgan, an employee of the Miami police and serial killer in his spare time. Dexter came to an end on September 22, since Michael has not appeared on the small screen. But this should change as studios Entertainment One announced it has hired the actor for the leading role he plays in the series God Fearing Man .

This script was written by the famous Stanley Kubrick, who died too early to put in pictures. Entertainment One has recovered and has therefore adapted to television with the help of Philip Hobbs. Not content with being a manufacturer, Hobbs is also the son-in Kubrick he was also the assistant during the filming of Full Metal Jacket . The mind of the filmmaker promises therefore to be respected.

God Fearing Man is based on a true story. It tells the incredible journey of Canadian pastor Herbert Emerson Wilson. In the early twentieth th century America, the man of God became bank robber . His specialty: the opening safes. Having raised nearly € 12 million within a few years of hard work, Wilson was eventually arrested and convicted of murder and life imprisonment. He eventually spend 20 years behind bars before being released and write a book about his life, I stole $ 16 million .

The history this extraordinary character holds great potential. The question is whether the outcome will be convincing. If successful God Fearing Man , Michael C. Hall is guaranteed to leave for several years on the small screen. A world in which he feels comfortable because that’s where he rose to prominence in the series Six Feet Under . Dexter had then propelled to the forefront. Since the end of that series, Michael C. Hall has appeared in only two films. Kill your darlings , alongside Daniel Radcliff , and more recently, July Blood , in which he played the leading role. The actor clearly put on the TV for the future but that does not mean he will not continue to appear in movies. Breaks between each season leave him time to choose some projects that are close to his heart

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