Friday, August 15, 2014

Michael Jackson: The video for “A place with no name” online! –

Michael Jackson is immortal and even there, the king of pop continues to the Moon Walk.

Tireless Michael Jackson ? Looks especially its production tries to continue to make money on its reputation … Today, we will not bother you with his outrageous antics. Wineskins because his lifestyle supposedly unattractive and complaints about its recent pedophile inclinations, Jackson is also about him music side.

In fact, a new video was released. This is the piece “A place with no name” that gives life to the King of Pop this time. One recalls his virtual duet (somewhat murky coup) with the other little prince of pop: Justin Timberlake . Death does not stop the music, you have to believe it

This is the official twitter of the star that the video was unveiled. And the fans should be happy about one thing: the song was probably good old tunes Michael Jackson ! It’s been awhile and especially the song makes a totally nostalgic Michael Jackson that has revolutionized the music industry.

Car before being machine scandal, former Jackson Five was a phenomenon of pop, call you back it


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