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Minority Report: What if Tom Cruise played in the series? – Screenrush

Twelve years after its release, “Minority Report” will experience a second life through a series produced by Steven Spielberg, which could be led by a star. And if Tom Cruise was this? An update.

This info, no Cog had seen her come. But then Steven Spielberg will produce a derived set of Minority Report, sci-fi he had achieved in 2002, in which he signed the first of two collaborations with Tom Cruise. So little information leaked during the announcement, Dad ET seems to place a star heads the cast, as he did with Halle Berry on Extant recently.

A term that opens so wide the range of possibilities and dreams of seeing a great actor more through the small screen. So that we can even ask the question: why not Tom Cruise I need regular. Mission impossible? Not really, and that’s why.

No awash in projects

Turn series takes time, and Tom Cruise might have a little: he just started shooting Mission: Impossible 5, the actor currently nothing concrete then. Furthermore hypothetical reunion with Joseph Kosinski, director of Oblivion, the rest is more like a snake nest of sea in which emerging suites of Top Gun and Jack Reacher.

Two undated features location or output and are now far from assured of seeing the day, even if the producer Jerry Bruckheimer firmly believes that the first will eventually take off shortly. Unless the interpreter Maverick decides to try the TV adventure.

He has not taken up this challenge

Climb the tallest tower in the world? Done. Dressing to let go like never? Done. Carry a tune? Done. Perform his own stunts? Done, done and re-re-re-done. In short, Tom Cruise is a man of challenges. Be the hero of a TV series is one that others have recently identified high-labor (Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Mads Mikkelsen, Kevin Spacey …), so why not him?

At a time when the results are disappointing at the box office, while the name of Colin Farrell, his partner Minority Report , flows for Season 2 of True Detective, the star can be recuperate in a world he already knows, he whose only TV experience has resulted in the completion of an episode of Fallen Angels by … 1993.

The series may be a sequel

In addition to the name of its lead actor, the great unknown of the TV project Minority Report is the link it has with the film. If the goal is to build bridges with his model, the chances of Tom Cruise in the credits would already be somewhat larger. One can even imagine the show going to be a sequel, in which John Anderton resume service after a critical event. Provided, of course, to retain only the positive version of the end of the feature (which can be read in two ways), the one where s hero is indeed escaped from prison to prove his innocence.

The prequel option is not excluded either, but the presence of Tom Cruise would find it hard to exceed the stage cameo (and the voice-over to tell her past.)

This is only a guess of course, and the idea Steven Spielberg is perhaps not appeal to Tom Cruise in any way whatsoever. But the fact that the question needs to be asked. Would you therefore supports the possibility that the actor plays in the series? If not who would you see in

The trailer of “Minority Report”:

Minority Report Trailer


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