Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Unknown: wounded by critics, they stop The Three Brothers – Le Figaro

Pascal Légitimus announced Tuesday on the official Facebook page of the Nameless want to draw a line on the adventures of Three Brothers , following criticism, often hurtful Internet.

The movie The Three Brothers, return , released on February 12, attracted nearly 2 5 million people in France. However, critics have been sharp after his return to the big screen of the three legendary actors Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus, aka the Unknown. It must be said that the trio was expected to turn, and the comeback has not been up to the previous round, released in 1995, the first feature film about the adventures of three brothers Labour, Pascal, Didier and Bernard , was a phenomenal success.

Almost twenty years later, the result was disappointing and users are given away to their heart’s content on social networks. Sometimes derogatory and hurtful critics were correct the trio. Deeply hurt, it’s the voice of the Unknowns Légitimus Pascal spoke on their official Facebook page: “It’s soon return and we would like, love him and laugh ‘, it will be the watchword in September . We would like less aggressive vulgarity in your comments, as we can not please everyone, “says first and foremost comedian before continuing:

“Be forgiving, gracious, kind to your neighbor.”

“The return was motivated by empathy towards us, while the film is done, the circle is complete, the 3 brothers will disappear. Be forgiving, gracious, kind to your neighbor, because times are tough and the war is close to the East, the anxiety-producing company is in bad shape, we are afraid. Laughter and joy are our only companions to bear all this “, continues the actor. Pascal Légitimus bitter conclusion: “Unknowns you have done well for 35 years and those who do evil, they are ignored. If it continues, it is because part of you following us It does not take much for that retirement lurks. Kisses to the fans. ” A sad end to one of the most iconic bands of the 90s comics.


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