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Died at 89 years of Lauren Bacall: Hollywood in mourning – Le Parisien

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<- hard dé e <- ITEM RECIPE -> <- NORMAL ARTICLE -> <- - begin excerpt!>: 0.0086109638214111 sec -> So he just learned the death of Robin Williams, found hanged at his home Monday, American cinema is mourning again. Actress Lauren Bacall, Legend of the golden Hollywood, who had trained with Humphrey Bogart a mythical couple age, died Tuesday in New York at the age of 89. <- Block compl dé! Ments -> <- bloc_complements.tpl -> <- -> <- BLOCK ON THE SAME TOPIC ->
       <- End bloc_complements.tpl -> <- hard dé e: 0.00051784515380859 sec -> “It is with deep sorrow but with much gratitude for his incredible life that we confirm the death of Lauren Bacall” , said Tuesday evening the Bogart family on his Twitter account,HumphreyBogart.
Citing a family member, the website TMZ, which specializes in celebrity life, said the actress, voice and unforgettable mesmerizing blue eyes, had died at her home in New York “a cardiovascular massive accident. ” She lived in the Dakota, the historic building on the edge of Central Park.
One of Harper’s Bazaar at 19

A cold to stare down blue eyes, a hoarse voice to shake, a pout, she played a femme fatale Hollywood par excellence. The one who was nicknamed “The Look” had captivated the public with his first role in “The Port of anxiety,” Howard Hawks. She attributed this look from below the stage fright: “I was shaking so nervous that the only way to hold my head steady was to lower my chin practically to my chest and look up”

<. p> Born September 16, 1924 in New York, Betty Joan Perske whose real name is the only daughter of Romanian-Polish Jewish immigrants, the family of former Israeli President Shimon Peres. When she was six years old, his parents divorced and she lives with her mother, secretary, who “by his great love for me, I was convinced that I could conquer the world.”

A photo of the actress exhibited at an auction in Los Angeles in 2011 AFP PHOTO / GABRIEL BOUYS

With its slender silhouette, notched his hair and classy, ​​she first conquered the world of glossy paper, even making the cover of the prestigious magazine Harper’s Bazaar fashion 1943 It is with this picture she was noticed by the wife of film director Howard Hawks, who then offers to 19 years of co-star of the “Port of anxiety” with the one already proven star: Humphrey Bogart, 44.

At a worship scene, she ordered him: “You do not have to play with me, Steve. (…) If you need me, you just have to whistle. You know whistle, Steve? Get closer your lips like that, and you blow. ” In the same film, she sang in a deep voice in a long black dress “How little we know” before a Bogart smile, the vamp, lighting a cigarette … It was love at first sight.

VIDEO. The great scenes of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart

They married and embodied one of the pairs of cinema’s most legendary and Hollywood glamor at its best until the Bogart died in 1957 They still ended up on the screen with Howard Hawks in “The Big Sleep” and then in “The Dark Passage” Delmer Daves of, and “Key Largo” by John Huston. The couple had two children, Bacall speaking later to have at the time of her husband’s career passed before his. “You make choices in life.” She had a third child with her second husband, Jason Robards, whom she separated in 1969.

An appearance in “The Sopranos”

His other major roles, Bacall had competed including sex appeal with the other ultimate “Blonde” Marilyn Monroe in “How to Marry a Millionaire” (1953). His career continued on sixty years, leading it on the sets of filmmakers as diverse as Sidney Lumet (“Murder on the Orient Express”, 1974), Robert Altman (“Ready to Wear”, 1994) or Lars Von Trier (“Dogville”, 2003 and “Manderlay” in 2005). In 2006, she again appeared in the cult series “The Sopranos,” it has repeatedly graced the Broadway stage and beyond, including playing in “Sweet Bird of Youth” by Tennessee Williams.

VIDEO. Lauren Bacall in the TV series “The Sopranos”

In addition to the big screen, Bacall was made known through political activism she shared with Bogart. She helped him, “Committee for the First Amendment” to protest against McCarthyism and the sidelining filmmakers suspected of communism, including the “Hollywood Ten” (“Hollywood Ten”). She claimed fiercely democratic, liberal, and even “anti-Republican.” Known for his acerbic wit, some of his lines in the city remained as famous as those on the screen: “We live in an age of mediocrity”, “Find me a rather interesting man that I have dinner with him and I be happy “,” A woman is not complete without a man. But where do you find a real man these days? ‘.

The one who has never won the Oscar, except that which honors lifetime achievement in 2009 refused to be a legend, and wanted to stay in the present. “I’m not a has-been , I am a that-be .”

VIDEO. 1989 Lauren Bacall spoke in French on Antenne 2
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